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Friday, July 23, 2010

Saturday July 24th
110mH Semis
Segun Makinde, 7th in heat 1, 14.05 - does not advance to final
"It wasn't as technically smooth as I wanted it to be; couldn't get through them (hurdles) quickly.  Great experience to learn how to run under pressure."
Men's 800m Semis
Anthony Romaniw, 6th in heat 2, 1:49.26 PB - does not advance to final 
"I'm really happy to be here, I still think I could have run faster.  I left it all out on the track so maybe I am just not aware of what I can do vs want to do."
Women's 4x400m Round 1
1st in heat 1, 3:34.50 Canadian Junior Record - advance to final (Reid, LeBlanc, Paracholsky, Taylor-Chase) 
"It was amazing, we used the adrenaline of the crowd." Annie LeBlanc
"The last 100m is the hardest part of the race but the crowd helped us through it." Katie Reid
Men's Triple Jump Qualifying
Marvin Muschette, 13th in Group A, 14.52m - does not advance to final 
"For my first time here it's a wonderful feeling.  I'm not going to stop, this motivates me.  I see my competition and I will train and practice to reach their level."
Men's 5000m Final
Ross Proudfoot, 14th, 15:03.13 
"The field is deep, those guys are in a whole other league.  I see where this type of competition stands, which will prepare me for future competitions."
Men's 4x400m Round 1
Canada 3rd in heat 1, DQ (Harris, Gaudes, Moona, Trnkus) 

Women's 400m Hurdles
Kelsey Balkwill, 7th, 57.94 PB
"I am very happy with my race, anything on top of making the finals is icing on the cake"
Women's 4x100m
Canada, 6th in 44.84 (Emmanuel, Bell-Spence, Walkeden, Laarman) 
"The crowd got us through, even if we had a bad step or exchange they kept pushing us.  To get to the final is exciting, whatever happened, happened and we did our best." Leah Walkeden
Friday July 23rd - Evening session  
Women's 4x100m
Canada 3rd in heat 2, 44.77 (Emmanuel, Bell-Spence, Walkaden, Laarman) Canadian Jr Record - advance to final
"It was good, we went out there, had a cheer and were trying to keep our energy up. We had the practice and executed."
Men's 4x100m
Canada 5th in heat 1, 40.38 (MacLeod, Makinde, Hayle, McNeill) - will not advance to final
"I think we're feeling alright, we're all disappointed but you know, things happen, this is the nature of sport.  All of us ran well and anything could have happened."
Men's High Jump Final
Branden Wilhelm, 11th, 2.08 (O), 2.13 (O), 2.17 (XXX) 
"It was my best for today, it's all I can ask for.  My timing was off and I didn't have the ups."
Heptathlon 800m
Rachael McIntosh, 3rd in heat 1, 2:22.27 S
McIntosh finished 19th overall with 4858pts
"My competition was difficult, especially the first day (in the rain).  Overall it was awesome, a great experience.  I loved it, I wasn't coming in expecting a medal or anything.  I finished all my events and it was just an amazing experience."
Men's Javelin Final
Raymond Dykstra, 12th, 63.80m 
"I'm feeling pretty good, I finished top 12 and that's what I came here to do.  I PBed in the qualifying so that was great."
Caleb Jones, 10th, 69.77m PB
"It was great, I'm really happy for the PB.  I was trying to break 70m but it was great and just phenomenal to be here."
Men's 200m Final
Aaron Brown, bronze, 21.00 PB
"I wanted to leave everything I had on the track.  I had no idea I finished 3rd, I was hoping but really had no idea it was me." 
Friday July 23rd - Morning session 
Women's 1500m Round 1
Geneviève Lalonde, 6th in heat 1, 4:19.20 PB - does not advance to final
"I did exactly what I wanted, to PB and race with girls all around me of my age.  Now hopefully I have a chance to relax.  These championships have just been a real blast."
Jessica Parry, 4th in heat 2, 4:19.08 PB - does not advance to final
"My plan was to sit and kick after being boxed in, hopefully I can get through to the final."
Women's Pole Vault Qualification
Karleigh Parker, Group B, 3.65 (XXX) - will not advance to final 
"It's a good experience, just sucks that I have no mark.  I was mentally prepared for yesterday and I could have been better prepared for today.  The event got pushed back a day... I need to learn to deal with those things."
Men's 110mH Round 1
Segun Makinde, 4th in heat 4, 13.98 - advances to semis
"Feeling alright, start was kind of shaky, I didn't go over the first hurdle very well which always impacts the rest of the race."
Tremaine Grant, 5th in heat 6, 14.16 PB - does not advance to semis
"It wasn't a good race, I want to come back and be stronger next year... my trail leg caught 6 hurdles which slowed me down."
Women's High Jump Qualifying
Alyx Treasure, Group B Qualifying, 1.70 (O), 1.74 (XXX) - does not advance to final 
Holly Parent, Group A Qualifying, 1.65 (O), 1.70 (O), 1.74 (O), 1.78 (XO), 1.81 (XXX) - does not advance to final
"Not my best competition but considering the pressure I think I did really well.  I'm proud to be here and of what I did to get here."
Men's Discus Qualifying
Andrew Wells, Group B, 54.05 PB - does not advance to final 
"First throw I couldn't really get there, I was trying to hard.  The second throw was almost perfect, I'm really happy."
Men's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1
Mattias Wolter, 10th in heat 1, 9:04.44 - does not advance to final 
"The plan was to make the final and run a PB, I was hoping to be around 8:50.  I went out faster then I'm used too - but I expected that... no excuses."
Ryan Cassidy, 11th in heat 2, 9:11.70 - does not advance to final
"It was a bit scary, I was very very nervous, the most nervous I've ever been.  It wasn't a PB but still a fine race."
Men's 800m Round 1
Anthony Romaniw, 4th in heat 1, 1:51.00 - advances to semis
"I wanted to stay out near the front and to make a move, but I waited too long.  I don't think I'll qualify (on time)."
Men's 10000mRW
Bruno Carrière, 21st in 50:47.93 PB 
Men's Hammer Throw - Qualifying
Kevin Bowman, 15th in Group B, 54.51m - Does not advance to final 
Heptathlon Long Jump
Rachael McIntosh, 9th in Group B, 5.32m 
Thursday July 22nd - Evening session 
Women's 200m Semis
Crystal Emmanuel, 3rd in heat 2, 23.96 PB - does not advance to final
"I feel really good, I was training really hard for a PB and I went out there and did it. I ran hard and maintained it to the end."
Cassandra Pascal, 5th in heat 3, 24.05 - does not advance to final
"I'm a little bit disappointed, wanted to run 23 today. There's lots of time and I know I can do it.  I thought I took the corner well but when I came out  of it I wasn't so sure." 
Heptathlon Shot Put
Rachael McIntosh, 10.72m SB 
Heptathlon 200m
Rachael McIntosh, 4th in heat 1, 25.88
"I'm tired but I feel good.  The weather was definitely a challenge this morning, I got through it and am looking forward to competing in the heat... I feel I thrive in hot weather.  I'm not thinking about anything for tomorrow, just going in with a positive attitude.  I'm happy with the 200m, it's normally my worst event." 
Men 200m Semis
Aaron Brown, 2nd in heat 1, 21.12 +2.1 - advances to final 
"Thought I did good coming off the bend, I was a bit worried but prayed and came through.  My start was ok, better then the hundred but still can use some work."
Segun Makinde, 4th in heat 3, 21.13 - does not advance to final 
"First 50m felt good, I started trying to hard instead of relaxing.  See what happens, still some events here.  It's a great honour to represent Canada and Team Canada." 
Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final
Geneviève Lalonde, 6th, 9:57.74 New pending Canadian Junior Record & New Americas Junior Record
"It’s really cool - a totally amazing feeling after this race. I didn’t know if this was going to happen at the first of the year but to finally bring it all together in my hometown at the end of the year, it’s a great feeling.  I was a little worried about trying to keep up with them, but I thought I would try something new and it worked out very well for me.  It was a wave of noise every time I came by the crowd and it’s what you need when you are trying to run a race like this." 
Men 400m Final
Alistair Moona, 7th in 47.38 
"It was alright, I'm not happy with the turn but I was in lane 7 and couldn't do anything.  This is a learning experience - stepping stone for the future." 
Thursday July 22nd - Morning session
Women's 400mH qualifying
Ashlea Maddex, 4th in heat 1, 1:00.41 - does not advance to semis
"I was hoping for a PB, I just wasn't as focused as I was in my first race at these championships (100mH)." 
Kelsey Balkwill, 2nd in heat 3, 59.04 PB - advances to semis
"I tried to go out hard and fight through the rain, it was very close at the end and I gave it my all."
Women's 200m Round 1
Crystal Emmanuel, 4th in heat 4, 24.21 - advances to semis
"I'm tired, it was ok but really wet.  I did my best with the weather conditions, if I make it through I want to take the straight hard and hopefully make the final."
Cassandra Pascal, 3rd in heat 6, 24.00 PB - advances to semis
"I'm tired, I got out really fast and I PBed but I wish it was 23.  Need to come out faster and take the bend tighter."
Women's Hammer Throw Qualifying
Joanna Franke-Kuhn, 14th in Group A, 49.37m - does not advance to final
"I'm disappointed, I was still hoping to PB, even with these weather conditions."
Heptathlon 100mH
Rachael McIntosh, 4th in heat 1, 14.90 PB 
Hepathlon High Jump
Rachael McIntosh, 1.60m SB
Women's Long Jump Qualifying
Caroline Ehrhardt, 8th in Group A, 5.67m - does not advance to final 
"My goal was to make the finals, with these conditions it was really hard.  The weather didn't affect the actual jumps, but it was hard to stay warm in between."
Men's 200m Round 1
Segun Makinde, 3rd in heat 2, 21.43 - advances to semis
"A little bit rough coming around the corner, I have to work on the transition.  It's something we've been working on, I have to fix that before the semi finals." 
Aaron Brown, 2nd in heat 6, 21.21 PB - advances to semis
"It's really cold and wet, coming in I felt tight but executed well.  I was just trying to qualify, time wasn't my focus."
Men's Javelin Qualifying
Caleb Jones, 5th in Group B, 69.36m - advances to final
"Excited for the finals and just to make it here was a goal of mine.  I'm going to aim for a PB in the finals." 
Ray Dykstra, 4th in Group A, 70.18m PB - advances to final 
"I'm pretty excited, I've never thrown 70 metres before so that's awesome.  The fact I'm in the final is even better." 
Wednesday July 21st - Evening session

Women's 100m Semis

Loudia Laarman, 3rd in heat 1, 11.73 - advances to final
"I can just hope it was enough to make it into the final, either way it's been a great experience."

Men's 100m Semis
Aaron Brown, 1st in heat 3, 10.62 - advances to final

Decathlon javelin
Jared Heldman, 39.25m PB 

Men's 400m Semis
Alistair Moona, 2nd in heat 3, 46.83 - advances to final

Men's High Jump Qualifying
Django Lovett, 2.05m (XO), 2.10m (XXO), 2.14m (XXX) - does not advance to final
Branden Wilhelm, 2.05 (O), 2.10 (XO), 2.14 (XO), 2.17 (XO) - advances to final
"It's great being in your home country, no matter who you are they support you, it helps you along."
Women's 5000m Final
Victoria Hanna, 14th in 17:28.99 
"Love the home crowd, I started strong but as you could see I struggled at the end."

Women's 100m Final
Loudia Laarman, 7th in 11.81
"The finish wasn't as well as I wanted but overall I'm very happy I got into the final."
Women's Javelin Final
Tiffany Perkins, 11th, 45.83m
"I loved the whole experience and I was so happy to make the final.  A month ago I would have never believed I could get here, thank you to my coach and everyone back home for your support." 
Decathlon 1500m
Jared Heldman, 5:05.13 PB - 6658pts overall, 18th place PB 
"It was good, the toughest was coming out of the javelin where I would have liked to do better and go into the 1500m."
Men 100m Final
Aaron Brown, 5th, 10.48 SB 
"I tried to recover from my bad start as best as I could but in this event there is no room for error."
Men Long Jump Final
Taylor Stewart, Bronze, 7.63m 
"I feel great right now, it's the best thing I could ask for.  I hope 8 metres comes soon but I can't be picky, I had to please the crowd." 
Wednesday July 21st - Morning Session 
Decathlon 110mH
Jared Heldman, 2nd in heat 1, 14.99 (851pts) - PB
Decathlon Discus throw
Jared Heldman, 30.50 PB - currently in 12th place
Decathlon Pole Vault
Jared Heldman, 3.70m PB (535pts)

Men's Shot Put
Drew Welch, Qualifying Group A, 17.30m - will not advance to final
"I didn't do as well as I should have, I was close to 1 metre of my personal best.  This isn't the last time the world sees me, I just wasn't able to perform as well as I wanted too."

Men's 400mH
Tait Nystuen, 7th in heat 2, 53.21 - does not advance to semis
"I'm upset, I didn't have the race I know that I'm capable of.  I messed up my first steps and after the rhythm was off.  My goal was to get here and get international experience and I did do that."
Daniel Chan, 6th in heat 5, 58.46 - does not advance to semis
"At the end of the day I had a great season, it's unfortunate what happened here but I have to continue improving."
Women's 800m
Carly Paracholski, 5th in semi final #1, 2:05.99 PB - Pending Canadian Youth Record - does not advance to final
Annie LeBlanc, 4th in semi final #3, 2:05.17 PB - does not advance to final

Women's Triple Jump
Caroline Ehrhardt, 12th in Group B qualifying, 12.50m - does not advance to final
"Didn't go as I hoped, hard to be sad with that fan support.  After watching the Vancouver 2010 Olympics I have been excited to compete here and experience the home crowd." 
Women's 400m
Katie Reid, 5th in semi final #2, 53.80 - does not advance to final 
"I felt good, I thought I went out strong and tried to push as hard as I could.  Didn't turn out as planned... I tried my best."
Chanice Taylor-Chase, 3rd in semi final #3, 53.72 - just misses advancing to final
"I tried to come out harder then in the heats, I ran out of gas a little but tried to bring it home in the last 100m.  I'm ok with not making the final, going to go back and train even harder."
Women's 10000m Race walk
Anne Voyer, 23rd in 59:53.24 
Tuesday July 20th - Evening session

Women's 100m hurdles
Chanice Taylor-Chase, 7th in heat 2, 14.32 - does not advance to semis
"I'm not feeling great, still tired from my 400m this morning and I hit the first hurdle which screwed up the rest of my race... so I'm disappointed with this one."
Ashlea Maddex, 4th in heat 3, 13.82 PB - does not advance to semis
"Seemed really fast... just before the race I just wanted a PB and then my mind went blank and it was go time."

Decathlon high jump
Jared Heldman, clears 1.74m on 3rd attempt, does not clear 1.77m
Decathlon 400m
Jared Heldman, 1st in heat 1, 50.28 PB
"It was a great day (4PBs), the crowd was awesome, definitely feel and appreciate the support from the home crowd."

Men's long jump
Taylor Stewart sets PB of 7.75m on first jump and automatically qualifies for final
"It felt good out there, I'm coming off a knee injury so I really wanted to qualify on my first jump, and I did!.  I feel pretty good right now."

Men's 400m
Tremaine Harris, 5th in heat 4, 48.34 - does not advance to semis
"I'm not really happy with the result but it's my first time at this level, I'm just taking this in as a learning experience."
Alistair Moona, 2nd in heat 6, 47.22 - advances to semis
"I wanted to take it out hard and I did, next step is to hopefully do well and move to the next round."

Women's Discus throw
Breanna Rak, 13th in group B, 44.87m - does not advance to final
"It's a little disappointing, it just wasn't good enough.  What an amazing experience and I'm so proud to be here, the atmosphere is awesome."

Women's 100m
Loudia Laarman, 2nd in heat 5 in 11.64 PB - advances to semis
"I just focused on myself, my start... smooth transition and stayed relaxed.  I'm taking it one step at a time, hope for a better time in the semis."

Men's 10000m
Mohammed Ahmed 4th in 29:11.75
"It was a tough race, I got forced and I got lapped-showed, I have a long way to go to be at the top of the world.  I had to give everything I had and the crowd got me through."
Andrew Nixon 13th in 30:35.43
"I feel pretty good right now, I'm happy with how I performed.  It was a good effort and the crowd was great."

Tuesday July 20th - Morning session
Women's 3000m Steeplechase
Geneviève Lalonde, 2nd in heat 2, 10:03.88 New Canadian Jr Record - Advances to final
"I felt pretty good, it was a little too fast, but I'm very happy.  I'm going to get ready for the final, going to get some rest now and enjoy the ride.  Running at home was awesome, looking forward to doing it again in the final." 
Women's Shot Put
Chelsea Whalen, 10th in group B qualification, 13.28m - Does not advance to final 
"Little disappointed but just being here with the team is great, it was exciting to see everyone here and have them cheer on the team.  I'm going to train a lot harder and just use this experience to get better."
Men's Decathlon 100m
Jared Heldman, 1st in heat 4, 10.90 PB 
"Its long hours and long days, I usually train 3 events a day. I focus on event I'm in, when it's done I focus on the next between I mentailly prepare for the next race / event."
Men's Decathon Long Jump
Jared Heldman, 2nd in group A (4th overall), 7.24m PB
Men's Decathlon Shot Put
Jared Heldman, 10th in group A, 13.17m PB
Women's 800m
Annie LeBlanc, 3rd in heat 2, 2:07.45 - advances to semi finals 
Carly Paracholski, 4th in heat 3, 2:06.70 PB - advances to semi finals
"I thought it went well, I was pretty nervous, I let  whatever was going to happen, happen and I was going for a PB and hoping for the semis."
Men's 1500m
John Paul Malette, 8th in heat 1, 3:45.57 PB - does not advance to final
"I PBed so I can't complain, I was hoping to make the final, I just waited a little too long. The guy that went out hard was fading... nonetheless I'm happy. 
Jeremy Rae, 5th in heat 2, 3:47.99
"Every time I can to an international competition I go back to smaller races and I'm much more calm.  I'm now going to cheer on teammates this week and start looking ahead to cross country season." 
Women's Javelin
Tiffany Perkins, 7th in group B qualifying, 48.46m PB - advances to final 
Women's 400m
Chanice Taylor-Chase, 3rd in heat 2, 53.61 - advances to semis
"I feel tired, I am pretty pleased with the time, it's good for the first round.  Next time I'll go harder and hopefully make it through."
Katie Reid, 3rd in heat 4, 54.48 - advances to semis 
"I thought it went well, I came out strong and finished top 4.  Will run my heart out in the semi finals to try and get into the final." 
Men's pole vault
Lane Britnell, does not advance to men's pole vault final, cleared 4.75m on first attempt, failed to clear 4.95m 
Men's 100m
Aaron Brown, 2nd in heat 1, advances to semis, 10.37 +2.2
"I felt it went well, I helped myself through the finish, I didn't like my start." 
Monday July 19th

Women's 3000m
Caroline Pfister, 22nd, 9:47.55, SB

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