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British Columbia Rankings for 8 km Senior Men Road 2011

8 km - Men - Senior
124:20.00 JACKSON, DAVIDBCPIHR761Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
224:31.00  ZIAK, JEREMIAHBCUNBC762GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
324:32.00  OSADUIK, STEVEN J.BCPIHR793Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
424:40.00 CLOUT, MATTHEWBCUNBC813GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
524:45.00 FINLAYSON, JIMBCPIHR721Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
625:06.00 WILKIE, MARKBC 843Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
725:10.00 CHESTER, SEANBCPIHR842Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
825:11.00 O'CONNOR, KEVINBCVFAC674GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
925:25.00 FRIESEN, KEVINBC 872Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
1025:30.00 GANT, DYLANBCPIHR865Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
1125:46.00 NELSON, SHAWNBCPIHR864Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
1225:51.00 PALERMO, DAVIDBCVFAC836Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
1326:02.00 REID, GEOFFREY W.BCPIHR826Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
1426:04.00 ODERMATT, CRAIGBCPATH705Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
1526:19.00 RULJANCICH, SHANEBCPIHR766Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
1626:23.00 MCCLUSKEY, PADRAIGBCPIHR698Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
1726:26.00 DIGNUM, COLINBCPIHR669Prairie Inn Pioneer 8KSaanichton, BC1/9/2011
1826:56.00 NIPEN, THOMASBC 849Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
1927:01.00 MICHIE, TOMBCUNBC862Kelowna MidSummer 8kKelowna, BC7/10/2011
2027:07.00 FORSETH, ROWAN J.BCRRRT915GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
2127:13.00 SKARSGARD, PAUL C.BC 6412Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
2127:13.00 BENNETT, MARKBCVFAC6010Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
2327:28.00 MCCULLOCH, WARRENBCPAAA6611GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
2427:39.00 JANG, STANLEYBCVFAC6811Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
2527:57.00 SWITZER, RORYBCKRCC615Kelowna MidSummer 8kKelowna, BC7/10/2011
2628:04.00 HOPWOOD, JEREMYBC 8018Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
2728:07.00 WYNHOVEN, BRIANBC 6919Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
2828:22.00 JONES, BRANDONBC 897Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
2928:33.00 LORETTE, LARRYBCPAAA6722Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
3029:13.00 SIMON, CHRISTOPHEBCCAPE6513Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
3129:18.00 YOUNG, BARRYBC 7533Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
3229:34.00 LEE, RICHARDBCPIHR6120Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
3329:42.00 HAWKER, ERNEST R.BC 6239Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
3429:45.00 PINCKARD, MARKBCKJAK6016Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
3529:49.00 LE CARRE, YANNICKBCVFAC7417Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
3629:59.00 HERRERA, DARIOBCLGRR7818Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
3629:59.00 MCKECHNIE, WILLBCVFAC6832GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
3830:13.00 WADE, BOB W.BC 5948Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
3930:20.00 CARSCADDEN, GORDONBC 5652Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
4030:23.00 ASTORIA, JOBCVFAC6520Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
4130:30.00 LOGAN, AMIELBCVFAC7622Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
4130:30.00 IMAI, CHRISTOPHERBC 6923Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
4330:46.00 FRILUND, DAVEBCPAAA5658Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
4430:47.00 UEBBING, ROBERTBC 6759Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
4430:47.00 SMITH, TIMBC 6031Harry's 8km Spring Run-offVancouver, BC3/20/2011
4630:50.00 SANATANI, SHUBHAYANBC 6760Ice BreakerRichmond, BC1/30/2011
4731:12.00 CRAWFORD, CRAIG O.BCCAPE5730Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011
4831:16.00 SUTHERLAND, PASCALBCKRCC7610Kelowna MidSummer 8kKelowna, BC7/10/2011
4931:17.00 MARTINSON, BRIANBCPGTF5848GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8kmVictoria, BC10/9/2011
5031:52.00 STEWART, SCOTTBC 5037Shaughnessy 8kmVancouver, BC5/29/2011

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