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Rankings for 400 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2012

Canadian Record: 44.44CHRISTOPHER, TYLER8/12/2005

400 Metre - Men - Senior
145.51A OSEI, PHILIPONMISS902NACAC U-23 ChampionshipsGuadalajara MEX7/8/2012
245.60  HARPER, DANIELONBRMP895Texas Tech Red Raider OpenLubbock, TX5/5/2012
345.67  BARNABY, DAUNDREONBRMP904h1NCAA Division I ChampionshipsDes Moines, IA6/6/2012
446.40  HARRIS, TREMAINEONPATF923NTL #1 - Harry Jerome Int'l TrackBurnaby, BC6/10/2012
546.61  ROBERTSON, MICHAELONOTTL894Occidental InvitationalLos Angeles, CA5/5/2012
646.86 DARGIE, ANDREWABCALT874Canadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/29/2012
747.03 FRENKE, GORDONONOTTL892Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/26/2012
847.45  REID, JONATHANONUNON884Athletics Ontario Jr & Sr ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2012
947.51 BARBARA, AMEERONUNON896hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/28/2012
1047.54 HOME, MITCHELLABCAPI928hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/28/2012
1147.79 SENICK, JOELSKRIVA8919hIC4A / ECAC ChampionshipsPrinceton, NJ5/13/2012
1247.90 LIM, KEVINABUCAC8810hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/28/2012
1347.99 HUTCHINSON, SCOTTONHARB905Athletics Ontario Jr & Sr ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2012
1448.07 BOWEN, KEVINONGFTC842YUTC Twilight #1Toronto, ON6/5/2012
1548.20  BIOCCHI, DEVINONOTTL923Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/27/2012
1548.20  WARNER, DAMIANONLWTF893dec4Olympic GamesLondon, GBR8/8/2012
1748.21 HAMILTON, ANDREONPHNX901York University Lions Spring OpenToronto, ON4/28/2012
1848.25 KIMICK, EVANABUCAC893New Balance Athletic Series #4Calgary, AB6/3/2012
1948.28 PAUL-MORRIS, ADAMBCCTC1921BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
2048.33 BOBAK, DAVIDONCANI924Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/27/2012
2148.43  NYSTUEN, TAITSKUOFR911CALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
2248.46 REID, CHRISTOPHERONBRMP882University of Windsor OpenWindsor, ON5/26/2012
2348.53 GRANILO, ELIASONOSTL901LWTFC Outdoor All Comers #1London, ON5/19/2012
2448.74 SMITHERS, CAMERONABUNON911Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/9/2012
2548.84  EL HANBLI, GABRIELQCCALO902f1Soirée Saint-Laurent Sélect #1Saint-Laurent, QC5/19/2012
2648.85 BOUDREAU, MATHIEUQCCAUL912Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
2748.89  TRNKUS, MICHAELONGTTC917Athletics Ontario Jr & Sr ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2012
2748.89  ROMANIW, ANTHONYONOSPR914Hillsdale College "GINA" RelaysHillsdale, MI4/28/2012
2949.11 BLADES, JUSTINNSHFST911Athletic NS Provincials and Legion TrialsSackville, NS7/15/2012
2949.11 DELÉPINE, ROBINQCUdeS907CSLA Last Chance QualifierLos Angeles, CA5/12/2012
3149.18  GAUDES, ADAMNBFFFT921NB Athletics ChampionshipsSaint John, NB7/14/2012
3249.29 DIABATE, IBRAHIMQC 854Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/9/2012
3349.32 ALHADDAD, SAJONCANI924f1Soirée Saint-Laurent Sélect #1Saint-Laurent, QC5/19/2012
3449.56 MILETIC, GORANABEDMT892NTL #2 - Victoria Int'l Track ClassicVictoria, BC6/13/2012
3549.59 MCKEEGAN, MATTHEWONWLEG928Athletics Ontario Jr & Sr ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2012
3649.61 RYNN, ISAACABCALT894New Balance Athletic Series #4Calgary, AB6/3/2012
3749.66  CHAN, DANIELONUTTC918YUTC Twilight #1Toronto, ON6/5/2012
3849.70 HAYLES, FABIANONPHNX9210Athletics Ontario Jr & Sr ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2012
3949.71 ACHARI, DARCYBCUNBC902BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
4049.72 DUGUAY, VINCENTQCZENI913Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
4149.74  RICHARD, BIANCOQCPFMX882f1Compétition Fleur de LysMontreal, QC5/5/2012
4149.74 BROWN, KOREYONUNON855f2Oregon TwilightEugene, OR5/5/2012
4349.78 STEINBRENNER, ALEXANDERQCCSLS905f1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
4449.91  CHENERY, MARKONOTTL885Panamerican Combined Events CupOttawa, ON5/27/2012
4549.95 THERIAULT, MADISONABCALT885New Balance Athletic Series #4Calgary, AB6/3/2012
4649.98 PARENT-PICHETTE, VINCENTQCCADL916f1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
4750.00 SUMANI, ABDULHAFEEZABUCAC886New Balance Athletic Series #4Calgary, AB6/3/2012
4850.05 MULDOON, MATTHEWONUTTC923f1Tuesday Twilight Spring Series Meet #1Toronto, ON5/22/2012
4950.17 RAYMOND, MATHIEUQCCAUL874Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
4950.17 VANKOUGHNET, JOELMBBTFC911MB Provincial Age Class ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB6/23/2012

400 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
149.1h  EL HANBLI, GABRIELQCCALO901f1Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/2/2012
249.6h SÉVIGNY, SÉBASTIENQCCOCH912f1Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/2/2012
350.0h DIABATE, IBRAHIMQC 853f1Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/2/2012
450.6h DUGUAY, VINCENTQCZENI914f1Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/2/2012
551.7h GREENIDGE, JAMEELQCCSLS911f2Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/2/2012
653.0h SIROIS, PIERREQCCAUL922f2Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/2/2012

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