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British Columbia Rankings for 800 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 1:43.68REED, GARY T.7/29/2008

800 Metre - Men - Senior
11:49.48  MARTINSON, GEOFFREYBCPGTF864SFU High Performance MeetBurnaby, BC6/6/2011
21:50.12 PRATT, JOHNBCUVIC902NTL Meet #3 - Victoria International Track ClassicVictoria, BC7/3/2011
31:50.92  BRUCHET, LUCASBCOATF912BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
41:50.93 WINKLER, MATTHEWBC 8812Swarthmore Last Chance MeetSwarthmore, PA5/14/2011
51:51.27 HOLE, NIGELBCPTGR893BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
61:51.48  LEVINS, CAMERONBCCXVC891Pomona-Pitzer Track & Field InvitationalClaremont, CA4/9/2011
71:51.66 WILKIE, MARKBCPTGR849NTL Meet #3 - Victoria International Track ClassicVictoria, BC7/3/2011
81:51.87  BROCKERVILLE, RYANBC 895f1Ken Shannon InviteSeattle, WA5/7/2011
91:52.27  MARPOLE-BIRD, JUSTINBCTBIR884Sun Devil OpenTempe, AZ4/23/2011
101:52.44 FORSETH, ROWAN J.BCRRRT914BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
111:52.90 IRVINE, KYLEBCUVIC906BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
121:53.11 LIU, YUBAIBCUNBC897BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
131:53.18 CLARK, JAMESBCGOLD908Payton Jordan Cardinal InvitationalStanford, CA5/1/2011
141:53.24 MITCHELL, CAMERONBCUNBC908BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
151:53.42 MAYNARD, JORDANBCTBIR889BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
161:53.66 SCHIAVONE, TREVORBCSTAL9110BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
171:55.24 SLADE, DAVIDBCUNBC916Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
181:55.33 CLOUTHIER, JOSHUABCUVIC9111BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
191:55.63 WASYLYSHYN, ADAMBCUCAC8911CALTAF Track ClassicCalgary, AB6/12/2011
201:57.39 THISTLEWOOD, BENBCPTGR8718SFU High Performance MeetBurnaby, BC6/6/2011
211:59.64 ANAND, KAPILBCTBIR8623UBC Pre-JeromeVancouver, BC6/30/2011
222:00.24 MCCULLOCH, WARRENBCPAAA6613BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
232:01.49  HUNT, THEOBCUNBC8824UBC Pre-JeromeVancouver, BC6/30/2011
242:04.68 BUTLER, MICHAELBCOATF9026UBC Pre-JeromeVancouver, BC6/30/2011
252:05.66 SECCO, SCOTTBCUVIC9114BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
262:08.24 PINCKARD, MARKBCKJAK6010WMA World Track & Field ChampionshipsSacramento, CA7/17/2011
272:09.56 GIBSON, ALEXANDER P.BC 9115BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
282:18.85 MAIKA, CHRISTOPHERBCKJAK631Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
292:19.37 SMILLIE, MALCOLMBCUNBC602Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
302:20.29  STEWART, ROHANBCKJAK9015SFU Emilie Mondor Spring OpenBurnaby, BC4/4/2011
312:20.31 CARSCADDEN, GORDONBCVFAC561Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
322:21.88 ZHU, JIANBCOATF691Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
332:30.05 BIENEFELD, ANDYBCUNBC751Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
342:37.57 PAWLUK, FREDBCKJAK471Trevor Craven Memorial T&F MeetBurnaby, BC7/10/2011
352:40.11 MEEHAN, JAMESBCVRTC561Trevor Craven Memorial T&F MeetBurnaby, BC7/10/2011
362:45.44 SMITH, BRADLEYBCOATF603Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
372:58.30 ADAMS, BARRYBCHHAC421Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
383:03.82 MCNAMARA, BILLBCGREY4112hWMA World Track & Field ChampionshipsSacramento, CA7/17/2011
393:22.62 MADDEROM, JAKEBCKJAK442Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
404:21.20 THOMPSON, HARRYBCUNBC221Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
414:30.82 FRYER, STANLEYBCUNBC261Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011

800 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
11:55.8h SCHIAVONE, TREVORBCSTAL912Q's Victoria Track Series #5Victoria, BC7/9/2011
21:56.1h IRVINE, KYLEBCUVIC903Q's Victoria Track Series #5Victoria, BC7/9/2011

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