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Rankings for 800 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2012

Canadian Record: 1:43.68REED, GARY T.7/29/2008

800 Metre - Men - Senior
11:45.97  HARRIS, GEOFFREYNSHFST872h4Olympic GamesLondon, GBR8/6/2012
21:46.47 WEST, RICHARDONPHNX902American Milers Series Meet #4Indianapolis, IN6/16/2012
31:46.66  ELLERTON, ANDREWONTNOR835f3Oxy High Performance MeetLos Angeles, CA5/18/2012
41:46.74  BRANNEN, NATHANONPHNX822Canadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/30/2012
51:46.83  SMITH, KYLEONPHNX853f1American Milers Series Meet #4Indianapolis, IN6/16/2012
61:47.89  ROMANIW, ANTHONYONOSPR917h1Flanders Cup NinoveNinove, BEL7/21/2012
71:48.37  LINCOLN, MATTHEWONPHNX824Canadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/30/2012
81:48.74 LEITCH, SCOTTONLWTF903f2American Milers Series #2Indianapolis, IN6/9/2012
91:48.92 RIVA, THOMASBCUVIC923NTL #3 - Donovan Bailey InvitationalEdmonton, AB6/16/2012
101:49.08 BLADES, JUSTINNSHFST918NTL #4 - InColor Hub City ClassicMoncton, NB7/5/2012
111:49.11  CORRIGAN, PETERONRRAC894NTL #3 - Donovan Bailey InvitationalEdmonton, AB6/16/2012
121:49.17  PHILIBERT-THIBOUTOT, CHARLESQCCAUL901f2American Milers Series #3Indianapolis, IN6/13/2012
131:49.32  OSTAPOWICH, JADENABEDMT892NTL #2 - Victoria Int'l Track ClassicVictoria, BC6/13/2012
141:49.49 HOLM, DAVIDABCITC865NTL #3 - Donovan Bailey InvitationalEdmonton, AB6/16/2012
151:49.54  GAUDES, ADAMNBFFFT9210NTL #4 - InColor Hub City ClassicMoncton, NB7/5/2012
161:50.20 THERIAULT, MADISONABCALT882New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
171:50.33  MARTINSON, GEOFFREYBCPGTF862NTL #5 - Aileen Meagher Int'l Track ClassicHalifax, NS7/8/2012
181:50.59 NICOL, SCOTTABUCAC881USA Milers' Club OpenPortland, OR5/30/2012
191:50.64 RAYMOND, MATHIEUQCCAUL872Ottawa Lions Twilight Series Meet #6Ottawa, ON8/8/2012
201:50.70 PAUL-MORRIS, ADAMBCCTC1921BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
211:50.77 BOULAY, BENOITONOSPR914RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/23/2012
221:50.80 MITCHELL, CAMERONBCUNBC907NTL #3 - Donovan Bailey InvitationalEdmonton, AB6/16/2012
231:50.81 HOLE, NIGELBCPTGR893UBCOpen/Pre-Harry Jerome MeetVancouver, BC6/8/2012
241:50.97 PRATT, JOHNBCUVIC902BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
251:50.98 BICKLEY, BRADABUCAC914UBCOpen/Pre-Harry Jerome MeetVancouver, BC6/8/2012
261:51.02  KHAN, SAHEEDONOTOC845RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/23/2012
271:51.18 RUSSELL, RYANABCITC883New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
281:51.37 LEROUX, ADAMNSDART901Carolina's CupRock Hill, SC4/13/2012
281:51.37 ROBERTSON, KARLBCUVIC918NTL #3 - Donovan Bailey InvitationalEdmonton, AB6/16/2012
301:51.39  LEVINS, CAMERONBCCXVC893Summit League ChampionshipsFargo, ND5/12/2012
301:51.39 BROWN, ALASTAIRONLRUN908f2American Milers Series #3Indianapolis, IN6/13/2012
321:51.93 KIMICK, EVANABUCAC897UBCOpen/Pre-Harry Jerome MeetVancouver, BC6/8/2012
331:51.99 KILPATRICK, ALEXANDERBCTBIR925BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
341:52.07 MULDOON, MATTHEWONUTTC921f6RCLDS #5: Forest City 5kLondon, ON7/6/2012
351:52.09 DOIRON, JEAN-MARCNBO2NB884NTL #5 - Aileen Meagher Int'l Track ClassicHalifax, NS7/8/2012
361:52.14  WALTERS, MATHEWONONBL896RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/23/2012
371:52.19 KENT, JUSTINBCCTC1926BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
381:52.22  BRUCHET, LUCASBCOATF917BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
391:52.23 CLARK, JAMESBCGOLD901Western Athletic ConferenceMoscow, ID5/11/2012
401:52.32 BERNARD, OLIVIERQCCADL893Western Athletic ConferenceMoscow, ID5/11/2012
411:52.34 RAICHE, MARC-ANDRÉQCKJNS902f1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
421:52.45 BOUDREAU, MATHIEUQCCAUL913f1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
431:52.47 DUGUAY, VINCENTQCZENI914Ottawa Lions Twilight Series Meet #6Ottawa, ON8/8/2012
441:52.48 NISHIYAMA, MICHAELABUNAB891York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/24/2012
451:52.49 PARENT-PICHETTE, VINCENTQCCADL9120hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/29/2012
461:52.67 LA MARRA, PAULONUWAC928University of Windsor OpenWindsor, ON5/26/2012
471:52.85  BROCKERVILLE, RYANBCMARC891SFU Emilie Mondor Spring OpenBurnaby, BC4/14/2012
471:52.85 LAFLAMME, PIER-OLIVIERQCCNOR876f1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
491:52.89 LECOURS, TOMMYQCCAUL887RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/23/2012
501:53.09 CHARLTON, RYANONPHNX902York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/19/2012

800 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
11:48.9h RIVA, THOMASBCUVIC921Victoria Q Series #2Victoria, BC5/26/2012
21:49.9h  GAUDES, ADAMNBFFFT922Victoria Q Series #2Victoria, BC5/26/2012
31:50.7h PAUL-MORRIS, ADAMBCCTC1923Victoria Q Series #2Victoria, BC5/26/2012
41:50.9h PRATT, JOHNBCUVIC902Victoria Q Series #6Victoria, BC7/7/2012
51:52.3h IRVINE, KYLEBCUVIC904Victoria Q Series #6Victoria, BC7/7/2012
61:52.8h KILPATRICK, ALEXANDERBCTBIR925Victoria Q Series #6Victoria, BC7/7/2012
71:53.8h  OSTAPOWICH, JADENABEDMT891Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
81:54.0h BICKLEY, BRADABUCAC912Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
91:54.2h SPORTAK, KENTONABUCAC913Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
101:54.6h  HADFIELD, GARETHABCALT924Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
111:54.8h ROSKE, TRAVISSKEXCL915Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
121:55.0h BOCKSNICK, JACKSONABUNAB926Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
131:55.2h FALK, DAVIDABEDMT887Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
141:57.2h SCHIAVONE, TREVORBCUVIC916Victoria Q Series #4Victoria, BC6/24/2012
151:58.4h CHESTER, SEANBCPIHR847Victoria Q Series #6Victoria, BC7/7/2012

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