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Rankings for 1500 Metre Para Men Outdoor 2012

Para Canadian Record T11: 4:07.56DUNKERLEY, JASON9/3/2012
Para Canadian Record T37: 4:34.74DOBSON, SHAYNE6/23/2012
Para Canadian Record T53: 3:11.49LAKATOS, BRENT6/14/2008
Para Canadian Record T54: 2:55.73CASSIDY, JOSHUA6/24/2010

1500 Metre - Men - T11
14:07.56  DUNKERLEY, JASONONOTTL773Paralympic GamesLondon, GBR9/3/2012

1500 Metre - Men - T13
14:09.08  OUELLET, GUILLAUMEQCMTLE865f2Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
24:09.41  MCGREGOR, STUARTONOTTL791f3Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012

1500 Metre - Men - T20
14:27.07  DES BRISAY, THOMASONOTTL911Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/27/2012

1500 Metre - Men - T34
14:15.65  DEWITT, NATHANBCWCRS904Coquitlam cheetahs 2012 InvitationalCoquitlam, BC6/10/2012
24:19.20  SOLLA, EDDYBCWCRS955Coquitlam cheetahs 2012 InvitationalCoquitlam, BC6/10/2012
35:51.86  SMEENK, AUSTINONCRUI971Cruisers Track & Field MeetMississauga, ON5/12/2012

1500 Metre - Men - T37
14:34.74  DOBSON, SHAYNENBASEA914NB Royal Canadian Legion ChampionshipsMoncton, NB6/23/2012

1500 Metre - Men - T53
13:38.08  GAUTHIER, ÉRICQCSHER712Crépuscule Sherbrooke # 4Sherbrooke, QC7/17/2012

1500 Metre - Men - T54
12:56.69  CASSIDY, JOSHUAONOTTL845LA-SM Rollstuhlsport NottwilNotwill, SUI5/19/2012
23:04.56 COMPAORE, JEAN-PAULQCSHER724Summer Down UnderCanberra, AUS1/22/2012
33:04.57  DUPONT, ALEXANDREQCAQSF8511LA-SM Rollstuhlsport NottwilNotwill, SUI5/19/2012
43:14.61  FILTEAU, MICHELQCSHER6636LA-SM Rollstuhlsport NottwilNotwill, SUI5/19/2012
53:20.99  SHAW, KYLESKCRTC8739LA-SM Rollstuhlsport NottwilNotwill, SUI5/19/2012
63:25.58  KAHN, MICHAELONCRUI902Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
73:26.25 SOULAMA, BASILE NIAMBAQCSHER733Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
83:26.99  MARANDA, JEAN-PHILIPPEQCSHER864Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
93:30.24 SMYTH, TRISTANBCWCRS862Desert Challenge GamesMesa, AZ5/19/2012
104:07.94 HÉBERT, FRANCISQCCSLS905Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
114:09.17 SHINODA, MASASHIBCWCRS882Dogwood Track and Field MeetVictoria, BC5/13/2012
124:19.85  CLOSE, BRADENSKCRTC956Coquitlam cheetahs 2012 InvitationalCoquitlam, BC6/10/2012

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