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British Columbia Rankings for 1500 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 3:31.71SULLIVAN, KEVIN6/30/2000

1500 Metre - Men - Senior
13:37.56  MARTINSON, GEOFFREYBCPGTF862NTL Meet #2 - Harry JeromeVancouver, BC7/1/2011
23:41.34  MARPOLE-BIRD, JUSTINBCTBIR887NTL Meet #2 - Harry JeromeVancouver, BC7/1/2011
33:45.38  LEVINS, CAMERONBCCXVC891Pomona-Pitzer Track & Field InvitationalClaremont, CA4/9/2011
43:46.73 SMYTH, ALEXBC 886Florida RelaysGainesville , FL4/2/2011
53:48.50 HOLE, NIGELBCPTGR895NAIA ChampionshipsMarion, IN5/28/2011
63:48.66 WILKIE, MARKBCPTGR847NTL Meet #2 - Harry JeromeVancouver, BC7/1/2011
73:49.49 CHILDS, CLIFFORDBCUVIC895Lafarge High Performance MeetAbbotsford, BC6/8/2011
83:51.06  BROCKERVILLE, RYANBCMARC897NTL Meet #3 - Victoria International Track ClassicVictoria, BC7/3/2011
93:52.34 FRIESEN, KEVINBCUNBC879NTL Meet #2 - Harry JeromeVancouver, BC7/1/2011
103:52.50 THISTLEWOOD, BENBCPTGR872Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
113:53.61 SMITH, JORDANBC 902f9Mt SAC RelaysWalnut, CA4/15/2011
123:54.52 IRVINE, KYLEBCUVIC901BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
133:54.56  BRUCHET, LUCASBCUNBC911Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
143:55.35 CLOUTHIER, JOSHUABCUVIC913Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
153:56.19 CLARK, JAMESBCGOLD909Oregon TwilightEugene, OR5/6/2011
163:56.92 MAYNARD, JORDANBCUNBC8813Lafarge High Performance MeetAbbotsford, BC6/8/2011
173:57.89 OXLAND, DOUGBCUVIC914UBC Pre-JeromeVancouver, BC6/30/2011
183:58.21 KAZUTA, KERRYBCPTGR855UBC Pre-JeromeVancouver, BC6/30/2011
193:58.39  WINTER, CHRISBCOSPR862hInferno MeetGuelph, ON5/28/2011
203:58.95 MITCHELL, CAMERONBCUNBC905BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
213:59.09 SCHIAVONE, TREVORBCSTAL916BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
224:01.43  HUNT, THEOBCUNBC8820Lafarge High Performance MeetAbbotsford, BC6/8/2011
234:01.61 WINKLER, MATTHEWBC 881Mason-Dixon Conference Outdoor ChampionshipsNewport, VA4/30/2011
244:03.78 HUEBSCH, TIMOTHYBC 9112Ralph Vernacchia Team ClassicBellingham, WA4/8/2011
254:08.25 YOUNG, JAMESBCUNBC918BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
264:10.27 CHESTER, SEANBCPIHR8411SFU Emilie Mondor Spring OpenBurnaby, BC4/4/2011
274:13.77 THOMAS, NICKBC 9114SFU Emilie Mondor Spring OpenBurnaby, BC4/4/2011
284:17.21 SCHIAVONE, TREVORBCUVIC9111Sun Devil OpenTempe, AZ4/23/2011
294:18.12 SECCO, SCOTTBCUVIC919BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
304:23.79 BUTLER, MICHAELBCOATF9012Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
314:27.72 GIBSON, ALEXANDER P.BC 9115Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
324:31.47 RAJPUT, GURJITBCCTC1911Valley Royals High School InvBurnaby, BC5/7/2011
334:40.43 NEMETHY, BRIANBCPGRR611Jack Brow MemorialKelowna, BC7/3/2011
344:42.49 TINKHAM, NORMANBCGOLD631Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
354:44.51 REIMER, PAULBCUNBC551Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
364:45.71  CHRISTIE, GORDONBCPIHR6120hWMA World Track & Field ChampionshipsSacramento, CA7/17/2011
374:50.01 SMILLIE, MALCOLMBCUNBC602Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
384:50.78 CARSCADDEN, GORDONBCVFAC562Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
395:01.17 MAIKA, CHRISTOPHERBCKJAK632Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
405:05.12 BIENEFELD, ANDYBCUNBC751Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
415:06.73 RIBEIRO, DAVIDBCOATF603Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
425:26.89 PAWLUK, FREDBCKJAK472Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
435:41.66 SMITH, BRADLEYBCOATF604Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
448:18.47 LAMOTHE, GRANTBCGREY437WMA World Track & Field ChampionshipsSacramento, CA7/17/2011
459:06.10 THOMPSON, HARRYBCUNBC221Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
469:13.01 FRYER, STANLEYBCUNBC261Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011

1500 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
14:19.1h CHESTER, SEANBCPIHR842Q's Victoria Track Series #3Victoria, BC6/4/2011
24:53.8h JONES, BRANDONBCUNBC895Q's Victoria Track Series #3Victoria, BC6/4/2011

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