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Rankings for 3000 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 7:41.61SULLIVAN, KEVIN7/22/2008

3000 Metre - Men - Senior
18:04.87  GENEST, ALEXQCSHER861NTL Meet #5 - Toronto InternationalToronto, ON7/13/2011
28:04.99  BERKIS, ANTHONYONOTOC893Oregon TwilightEugene, OR5/6/2011
38:22.84  KHAN, SAHEEDONOTOC842NTL Meet #5 - Toronto InternationalToronto, ON7/13/2011
48:23.09 WESTON, DAVIDONUWAC876Oregon TwilightEugene, OR5/6/2011
58:26.08 BRETT, ALLANONOSPR883NTL Meet #5 - Toronto InternationalToronto, ON7/13/2011
68:26.92 MCKAY, TRAVISABEDMT854NTL Meet #5 - Toronto InternationalToronto, ON7/13/2011
78:28.76  WALTERS, MATHEWONONBL891f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
88:30.08 DEGROOT, ANDREWONNMKT911York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
98:30.62 BOLTON, JOSHUAONBRNT902f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
108:30.74 LAVOIE, OLIVIERQCCOCH885NTL Meet #5 - Toronto InternationalToronto, ON7/13/2011
118:31.60 BROWN, ALASTAIRON 903f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
128:33.49 JIBRIL, SAMIONMISS894f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
138:35.12 DAVENPORT, ETHANONNMKT902York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
148:36.39  MAJOCK, NYIALABCALT902f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
158:36.87 BOISVERT, EMMANUELQCCAUL912New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #3Waltham, MA6/4/2011
168:42.14 TREMAIN, RICHONMAST713York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
178:43.61 ROUNDELL, JOSHONOSPR866f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
188:45.20 CLOUTHIER, JOSHUABCUVIC911Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
198:47.56 OXLAND, DOUGBCUVIC913Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
208:50.01 LAROUCHE, ANTHONYQCROUL901Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011
218:50.17 WALSH, JEREMYONLRDC902York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
228:50.21 COLLISON, JORDANONSAUG913York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
238:50.60  HUNT, THEOBCUNBC884Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
248:52.04 DENAULT, ALEXONNMKT918York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
258:52.82 LAPIERRE, MAXIMEQCROUL883Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011
268:53.03 BOWEN, SEANONHARB904RCLDS #6: London Series FinaleLondon, ON7/6/2011
278:56.19 SMITH, JORDANBCUNBC905Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
288:57.23 PAVELIC, ANTUNONUTTC905York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
298:59.23 RISMAY, DALTONONMISS918f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
309:02.40 DAVIS, SHAWNONNMKT8810York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
319:05.16 HUFF, RYANBCLRDC889RCLDS #6: London Series FinaleLondon, ON7/6/2011
329:05.53 COSTEN, JEFFREYONOTOC9111York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
339:05.54 TICE, RYANONHARB8810f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
349:06.29 LABELLE, ERICONOTOC9111f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
359:06.40 MACKIE, KYLEONOTTL901Ottawa Springtime Invitational #1Ottawa, ON5/22/2011
369:14.99 AHMED, HIBANBC 881Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/19/2011
379:18.17 LAW, GRAEMEABEDMT9010f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
389:24.05 MACKINNON, PATRICKONHARB9014f2RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
399:25.12 WATERS, DANIELONOSPR9117York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
409:25.62 PEAT, GEOFFONMAST6318York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
419:28.05 LANKMANN, RYANQCCAVD916Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011
429:29.88 COOKE, ELLIOTTMBBTFC901Athletics MB Age Class ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB6/26/2011
439:30.03 HOGG, ANDREWONMAST736RCLDS #3: Roberts Meet of ChampionsLondon, ON6/5/2011
449:32.34 CHAPMAN, MICHAELONMAST7712RCLDS #6: London Series FinaleLondon, ON7/6/2011
459:32.81 RAJPUT, GURJITBCCTC19110Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
469:48.35 GALLOWAY, STUARTONONOC6126York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
479:50.90 CLAVIJO, ESTEBANONYUTC9127York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
489:52.23 LORENZ, TYLERQCMGOC912Soiree VainqueursMontreal, QC6/14/2011
499:58.37 LANG, DENNISMBBTFC511Athletics Manitoba Grand Prix #2Winnipeg, MB6/15/2011
5010:00.46 CARRIERE, YANQCCAVD8910Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011

3000 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
18:21.9h CHILDS, CLIFFORDBCUVIC891Q's Victoria Track Series #5Victoria, BC7/9/2011
28:28.3h O'BRIEN, TREVORBCPATH782Q's Victoria Track Series #5Victoria, BC7/9/2011
38:42.6h CLOUTHIER, JOSHUABCUVIC913Q's Victoria Track Series #5Victoria, BC7/9/2011
49:14.3h SECCO, SCOTTBCUVIC916Q's Victoria Track Series #5Victoria, BC7/9/2011
59:58.0h BOYD, STEVEONPHYS631Physi-Kult Distance All-ComersBelleville, ON8/30/2011

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