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Rankings for 5000 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 13:13.96Schiebler, Jeff9/1/1998

5000 Metre - Men - Senior
113:34.23  AHMED, MOHAMMEDONONOC913hNCAA West Preliminary RoundEugene, OR5/28/2011
213:40.30  LEVINS, CAMERONBCCXVC897NCAA Div I ChampionshipsDes Moines, IA6/11/2011
313:43.43  WYKES, DYLANBCPIHR832f1Oregon RelaysEugene, OR4/23/2011
413:43.45  MARTINSON, GEOFFREYBCPGTF863Stanford University InvitationalStanford, CA3/26/2011
513:51.23  COOLSAET, REIDONOSPR791Music City Distane CarnivalNashville, TN6/4/2011
613:56.68  WIEBE, KELLYSKEXCL892f3RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
714:01.87 LOISELLE, MATTONATOR843f3RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
814:01.96  MILNE, TAYLORONOSPR8122Payton Jordan Cardinal InvitationalStanford, CA5/1/2011
914:05.50  HUGHES, MATTHEWON 894Mt SAC RelaysWalnut, CA4/15/2011
1014:08.90  BRITT, BARRYNBSJTC909Mt SAC RelaysWalnut, CA4/15/2011
1114:11.07 HUBERS, BENONUNON882Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/24/2011
1214:12.11 MILLER, GREGMBWOAC893Stanford University InvitationalStanford, CA3/26/2011
1314:12.97  NIXON, ANDREWONOSPR916f2New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #4Waltham, MA6/11/2011
1414:15.32 COLLE, STÉPHANEQCFLYS887f2New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #4Waltham, MA6/11/2011
1514:22.35 DE SILVA, MATTHEWON 8716ECAC and IC4A ChampionshipsPrinceton, NJ5/15/2011
1614:22.99 BRETT, ALLANONOSPR885f3RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
1714:24.72  CORRIGAN, PETERON 895Sun Angel Track ClassicTempe, AZ4/9/2011
1814:29.64 MAVROVIC, ALEXQCSHER911Boston High Performance Series Meet #1Waltham, MA5/14/2011
1914:33.09  WINTER, CHRISBCOSPR866f3RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
2014:34.76 KAZUTA, KERRYBCPTGR855Oregon RelaysEugene, OR4/23/2011
2114:42.13 FRIESEN, KEVINBCUNBC871SFU High Performance MeetBurnaby, BC6/6/2011
2214:43.47 THISTLEWOOD, BENBC 8712Oregon RelaysEugene, OR4/23/2011
2314:46.51 CHIASSON, REJEANNBATOR837f3RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
2414:46.83 NOEL-HODGE, RYANQCFLYS894f1Boston High Performance Series Meet #1Waltham, MA5/14/2011
2514:50.41  BOURGEOIS, JOËLQCO2NB711Crépuscule Fleur de LysMontreal, QC5/7/2011
2614:50.94  O'NEILL, KYLEONLRDC891AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
2714:52.14 JIBRIL, SAMIONMISS891f2RCLDS #5: Forest City 5kLondon, ON6/30/2011
2814:54.37 GILL, MICHAELONMAST773f2RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
2914:54.75  WOLTER, MATTIASNSBANS911Alabama RelaysBirmingham, AL3/27/2011
3014:55.35 BRUCE, MATTHEWON 8921h1NCAA East PreliminaryBloomington, IN5/28/2011
3114:56.09 ROUNDELL, JOSHONOSPR864f2RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
3214:57.93 BOISVERT, EMMANUELQCCAUL914f1Crépuscule Fleur de LysMontreal, QC5/7/2011
3314:58.20 SMITH, JORDANBC 9016Oregon RelaysEugene, OR4/23/2011
3414:58.83 SNIDER, DEREKONOSPR851AO National Jr & Sr Qualifier & CE ChampsToronto, ON6/12/2011
3514:59.73 LAAN, BRANDONON 838f3RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
3615:04.36  HUNT, THEOBC 8819hNAIA ChampionshipsMarion, IN5/28/2011
3715:04.50 HASHI, HUSSEINONOTOC892AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
3815:04.56 DEGROOT, ANDREWONNMKT913EMU Twilight InvitationalYpsilanti , MI4/23/2011
3915:06.55 MONETTE, SEBASTIENQCCAVD885New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #4Waltham, MA6/11/2011
4015:06.61  MAJOCK, NYIALABCALT901f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
4115:06.75  PHILIBERT-THIBOUTOT, CHARLESQCROUL905f1Crépuscule Fleur de LysMontreal, QC5/7/2011
4215:07.17 BROWN, ALASTAIRONUNMB902AO National Jr & Sr Qualifier & CE ChampsToronto, ON6/12/2011
4315:10.24 LAPOINTE, JEAN-SAMUELQCROUL916f1Crépuscule Fleur de LysMontreal, QC5/7/2011
4415:11.38 DESORMEAUX, KYLEONOSPR804AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
4515:11.93 CHILDS, CLIFFORDBCUVIC892BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
4615:12.43 MASON, JOHNONOSPR878f2RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011
4715:17.18 CLOUTIER, MATTABUCAC883SFU High Performance MeetBurnaby, BC6/6/2011
4815:19.87 AHMED, HIBANBCETFA883BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
4915:20.22 O'CONNOR, KEVINBCVFAC674BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
5015:25.75 MURRAY, CODYONOSPR8712f2RCLDS #2: London Distance ClassicLondon, ON5/24/2011

5000 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
114:53.1h O'BRIEN, TREVORBCPATH781Q's Victoria Track Series #4Victoria, BC6/18/2011
215:17.0h CHESTER, SEANBCPIHR842Q's Victoria Track Series #4Victoria, BC6/18/2011
315:22.4h DIGNUM, COLINBCPIHR663Q's Victoria Track Series #4Victoria, BC6/18/2011
415:26.1h DEACON, BRUCEBCUNBC664Q's Victoria Track Series #4Victoria, BC6/18/2011
515:33.0h SHEPHERD, COLINMBBTFC871Athletics Manitoba Grand Prix #1Winnipeg, MB5/11/2011
615:45.0h PENNER, ADAMMBBTFC862Athletics Manitoba Grand Prix #1Winnipeg, MB5/11/2011
716:56.9h QUINN, PETEBCUNBC652Q's Victoria Track Series #4Victoria, BC6/18/2011
817:57.8h STEWART, DUANEBC 8715PLU InvitationalParkland, WA3/12/2011
917:59.2h MORGAN, CLIVEONPHYS593Physi-Kult Distance All-ComersBelleville, ON8/30/2011
1021:16.1h TOWLER, FRANKBCUNBC449Q's Victoria Track Series #4Victoria, BC6/18/2011

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