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Rankings for Shot Put Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 22.21ARMSTRONG, DYLAN6/25/2011

Shot Put - Men - Senior - 7.26kg
122.21  ARMSTRONG, DYLANBCKAML811Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
220.17 *RODHE, JUSTINBCKAML841Kamloops Throws MeetKamloops, BC8/13/2011
318.98  HENDRY-GALLAGHER, TIMONOSPR901AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
418.84  NEDOW, TIMOTHYON 901Cardinal Twilight ClassicLouisville, KY5/13/2011
518.61  SMITH, ANDREWSKSTFC885NTL Meet #3 - Victoria International Track ClassicVictoria, BC7/3/2011
617.29  WELCH, DREWONLWTF916Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
717.12 WILLCOX, TOMBCCOQC914Conference USA ChampionshipsHouston, TX5/15/2011
817.04 YSEBAERT, ANDYONSASW862Olympic Fitness Meet #3London, ON6/18/2011
916.35 PICKERING, CHRISSKUOFR892Chinook Throws GalaLethbridge, AB5/21/2011
1016.31 NOVIA, DANIELONYUTC891York University Throws MeetToronto, ON5/21/2011
1116.22 MACHISKINIC, NOLANSKSTFC911STFC Twilite #1Saskatoon, SK6/28/2011
1216.18 STERN, NATHANONFLYA911York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
1315.96 KHAN, UMARONYUTC891York University Twilight Meet #4Toronto, ON7/26/2011
1415.08 LAFRENAYE-DUGAS, MARC-ANTOINEQCSHER913Match Espoirs Québec-OntarioToronto, ON7/23/2011
1514.93  ROUBOS, BRENTONOSPR902Olympic Fitness Meet #2London, ON6/5/2011
1614.57 GAGNÉ, ALEXANDREQCSHER912Corsaire ChaparalMontreal, QC7/9/2011
1714.23 LINK, STEVENABUCAC912Tri-Province MeetSaskatoon, SK7/17/2011
1813.97 JEAN, PHILIPPEQCROUL913Championnat Provincial d'athlétisme civilQuebec City, QC7/17/2011
1913.89 BRATHWAITE, ERICONYUTC913York University Throws MeetToronto, ON5/21/2011
2013.87  ADJETEY-NELSON, JAMIEONWLEG8412Gina RelaysHillsdale, MI4/30/2011
2113.85  ARBOUR, PATRICKONOTTL881Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/22/2011
2213.60  WARNER, DAMIANONUNON892Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/22/2011
2313.55  GUSTAVSON, REID E.ONOTTL881Champ. Prov. Épreuves CombinéesSherbrooke, QC7/31/2011
2413.47 TESSIER, YVESQCCOCH673Corsaire ChaparalMontreal, QC7/9/2011
2513.39 BARBER, MICHAELSKEXCL863Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/22/2011
2513.39  CROSSLEY, CHRISSKSTFC873Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/22/2011
2713.34 LOUIS-SEIZE, SIMONQCCAUL854Championnat Provincial d'athlétisme civilQuebec City, QC7/17/2011
2813.17 TARNAVA, RYANABCHIN912f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
2912.98 TAYLOR, ANGUSBCKJAK903f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
3012.84 URBANZYK, GREGABCALS762New Balance Athletic Series Meet #3Calgary, AB7/6/2011
3112.83 SLEPICA, JIMONMAST577Ottawa Lions Twilight Meet #5Ottawa, ON7/20/2011
3212.82 INGVALDSON, DELLINGBCOATF922Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
3312.74 THOMAS, CRAIGABUCAC901Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
3412.70 SAARI, JOHNBCKAML731Kamloops Fall ThrowsKamloops, BC9/24/2011
3512.67 RUSSELL-FORD, ZACHARYONLWTF902Kamloops Throws MeetKamloops, BC6/5/2011
3612.45 MCPHEE, STEPHENABCAPI911St. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB5/29/2011
3712.33 JENSEN, RYANBCKAML852Kamloops Throws MeetKamloops, BC8/13/2011
3812.23 SOMMER, RYANABOATF934f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
3812.23 CORNEY, TAYLORONUNON913Champ. Prov. Épreuves CombinéesSherbrooke, QC7/31/2011
4011.96 LEUNG, STEVENSKUOFS895SK ProvincialsSaskatoon, SK6/19/2011
4111.93  CHENERY, MARKONOTTL886Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/22/2011
4211.83 STREDULINSKY, STEVENBCUNBC813BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
4311.71 MASSAR, JUSTINONYUTC917York University Lions Spring OpenToronto, ON4/30/2011
4411.67 MACAULAY, CONNORMBBTFC905f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
4511.62 HERMAN, RONONMAST684Olympic Fitness Meet #3London, ON6/18/2011
4611.51 PAPPAS, CARLYONOTTL913AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
4711.44 QUIGG, MITCHNBSJTC921Atlantic Track & Field ChampionshipsMoncton, NB7/24/2011
4811.38 CYR, PASCALNBASEA872Atlantic Track & Field ChampionshipsMoncton, NB7/24/2011
4911.37 CUNNINGHAM, MARCUSABCAPI864Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/24/2011
5011.35 LAPIERRE, JAROMABUCAC772Calgary Spring Challenge & AB CE ChampsCalgary, AB5/15/2011

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