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Rankings for 60 Metre Hurdles Senior Men Indoor 2011

Canadian Record: 7.41MCKOY, MARK3/13/1993

60 Metre Hurdles - Men - Senior - 1.067m
18.00  DROUIN, DEREKONSASW904hBig Ten Conference ChampionshipsChampaign, IL2/27/2011
28.01  BERTOCCHI, MASSIMOONUTTC851Cornell RelaysIthaca, NY12/4/2010
38.04  ROBERTSON, MICHAELONOTTL893EIU Early BirdCharleston, IL12/11/2010
48.07  MACNEILL, GREGORYONLLTA922hWisconsin Elite InvitationalMadison, WI1/29/2011
58.10  MOSELEY, INGVARONEEDG911hOUA Track & Field ChampsToronto, ON2/26/2011
68.15  BRISSON, MATTHEWONOSTL882hOUA Track & Field ChampsToronto, ON2/26/2011
78.18  KABA, SEKOUONOTTL901f2McGill Team ChallengeMontreal, QC1/29/2011
88.26  ADJETEY-NELSON, JAMIEONWLEG846hAlex Wilson InvitationalNotre Dame, IN3/5/2011
98.30 BAKER, JUSTINSK 891Regina Friendship GamesRegina, SK12/4/2010
108.31 SLYTHE-LÉVEILLÉ, GABRIELQCCOCH931hClassique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
108.31  WARNER, DAMIANON 892AO Youth Senior ChampionshipsToronto, ON2/20/2011
128.32 THERIAU, CHRISTOPHERNS 875Knights of Columbus Indoor GamesSaskatoon, SK2/4/2011
138.36  ARSENAULT, CALVINONLAUR933AO Youth Senior ChampionshipsToronto, ON2/20/2011
138.36  MAKINDE, OLUWASEGUNONOTTL912Super Saturday Meet #2Ottawa, ON1/15/2011
158.41  EL HANBLI, GABRIELQC 901hMcGill University Open Track MeetMontreal, QC11/27/2010
168.49 REHEL, WESLEYQCCOCH821h1Championnat provincial intérieurMontreal, QC3/6/2011
178.50 GUENETTE, JASONQCROUL891Quebec Provincial Champs CE & McGill OpenMontreal, QC2/19/2011
188.56 WILSON, CHRISTOPHERBC 632f7UW Open MeetSeattle, WA2/13/2011
198.57  ARBOUR, PATRICKONOTTL883OUA Track & Field ChampsToronto, ON2/26/2011
198.57 KERR, JACOBQCATIC953hClassique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
218.60 MCLAREN, DOUGSK 761Prairie DualSaskatoon, SK1/8/2011
228.62 ALLISON ABAUNZA, ALEXANDROQCROUL912f1Championnat Provincial UniversitaireLaval, QC2/27/2011
238.63 ALLISON-ABUNZA, ALEXANDROQCFILO911Red Garnet Gold University MeetMontreal, QC11/27/2010
238.63 TASKER, RYANABUCAC911Calgary Indoor Track Series Dino Opener Calgary, AB12/4/2010
258.65 LIU, DONGQCMGU864hClassique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
268.67 THOMAS, CRAIGABUCAC901CanWest Track & Field ChampsWinnipeg, MB2/26/2011
278.68 FANNING, CONORON 902Blue & GoldWindsor, ON12/4/2010
288.71 SAMKING, WILFREDMBWOAC922CanWest Track & Field ChampsWinnipeg, MB2/26/2011
298.76 ALLARD, FRANCISQCATIC935hClassique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
308.77  CROSSLEY, CHRISSKSTFC872Golden Bear OpenEdmonton, AB1/23/2011
318.78 BLONDIN, FRÉDÉRICQCCLA936hClassique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
318.78 PENG, CHRISQCMGU811Classique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
338.79 COURTEAU-GODMAIRE, HUBERTQCCOCH9122hBU Valentine InvitationalBoston, MA2/12/2011
338.79 MCPHEE, STEPHENAB 912CanWest Track & Field ChampsWinnipeg, MB2/26/2011
358.80  BRITNELL, LANESKUOFS915hCanWest Track & Field ChampsWinnipeg, MB2/26/2011
358.80 WOO, GRAHAMMBWOAC932Bison ClassicWinnipeg, MB2/5/2011
378.81 AHMED, UZAIRSKUOFS883Golden Bear OpenEdmonton, AB1/23/2011
388.84  LANCTÔT-REEVES, VINCENTQCCARS955hQuebec Provincial Champs CE & McGill OpenMontreal, QC2/19/2011
398.85  WILHELM, BRANDENONLLTA927AO Youth Senior ChampionshipsToronto, ON2/20/2011
408.87 LE MOUËL, YANNICKQCCSJO671Quebec Provincial Champs CE & McGill OpenMontreal, QC2/19/2011
408.87 QUIGG, MITCHNBSJTC921Gagetown InvitationalOromocto, NB11/20/2010
428.88  ECKERT, JEREMYSKUOFR903CanWest Track & Field ChampsWinnipeg, MB2/26/2011
438.91 HÉBERT-MARCIL, JASONQC 953hMcGill University Open Track MeetMontreal, QC11/27/2010
448.94 GOODWIN, LYNDONABUCAC927hCanWest Track & Field ChampsWinnipeg, MB2/26/2011
458.95 ROBERTSON, CHRISNBASEA924OUA Track & Field ChampsToronto, ON2/26/2011
468.99 BELL, SPENCERONOTTL912hDome Super Saturday Meet #1Ottawa, ON12/18/2010
468.99 CARON, ALEXANDREQCCARS932f1Classique Corsaire ChaparalMontreal, QC2/12/2011
489.01 FOURIE, CHARLONLAUR938AO Youth Senior ChampionshipsToronto, ON2/20/2011
499.05 HANCOCK, SCOTTQCJAWS922Classique du Temps des FêtesMontreal, QC12/11/2010
509.07 BARBER, MICHAELSKUOFR863Golden Bear OpenEdmonton, AB1/23/2011

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