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Rankings for Hammer Throw Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 79.13STEACY, JAMES5/16/2008

Hammer Throw - Men - Senior - 7.26kg
176.27  STEACY, JAMESABCHIN841Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
269.45  HENDERSON, NOLANBCKJAK891USC Tri / Quad MeetLos Angeles, CA4/2/2011
365.83 LENNIE, NATHANONUWAC79Big Shield Throws GalaChatham-Kent, ON8/21/2011
464.71 DOHERTY, MATTHEWNS 851Truro Lions Hammer MeetTruro, NS5/14/2011
564.42 BESPALOV, ALEXANDRQCCSLS851Ottawa Summertime InvitationalOttawa, ON7/3/2011
664.01 NOVIA, DANIELONYUTC891AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
761.41 TAYLOR, ANGUSBCKJAK905PAC-10 ChampionshipsTuscon, AZ5/14/2011
860.78 * JENSEN, RYANBCKAML85Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
959.19 STEACY, SEANABCHIN866Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
1058.97 SUPPES, GARTHABFMAC872Chinook Throws GalaLethbridge, AB5/22/2011
1156.91 LAFRENAYE-DUGAS, MARC-ANTOINEQCSHER911Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011
1255.77 PRINCE, SPENCER R.BCVRTC929Billy Hayes InvitationalBloomington, IN5/6/2011
1355.72 BAINES, JASONONMAST789Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
1454.58 TARNAVA, RYANABCHIN911Tri-Province MeetSaskatoon, SK7/17/2011
1554.51 ANISKO, DAMIANONYUTC832York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/28/2011
1652.90 LAPIERRE, JAROMABUCAC774CALTAF Track ClassicCalgary, AB6/12/2011
1752.74 * DIAZ, PEDROABUCAC936Canadian National Championships Qualifer RoundCalgary, AB6/22/2011
1851.00  YOUNG, JORDANONWLEG93Big Shield Throws GalaChatham-Kent, ON8/20/2011
1950.84 WILLCOX, TOMBCCOQC913Univ of Memphis InvitationalMemphis, TN4/30/2011
2048.85 GAGNÉ, ALEXANDREQCSHER912Crépuscule Sherbrooke #3Sherbrooke, QC7/30/2011
2147.96  NEDOW, TIMOTHYON 908Pacesetter Sports InvitationalTerre Haute, IN4/23/2011
2245.94 BRATHWAITE, ERICONYUTC912York University Throws MeetToronto, ON5/21/2011
2345.64 PAKULA, CODEYSKEXCL903Tri-Province MeetSaskatoon, SK7/17/2011
2443.85 LINK, STEVENABUCAC913CALTAF Track ClassicCalgary, AB6/12/2011
2543.81 CHARRIER, JUSTINMBFMAC861Athletics MB Age Class ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB6/26/2011
2643.67 JEAN, PHILIPPEQCROUL913AO National Jr & Sr Qualifier & CE ChampsToronto, ON6/12/2011
2743.43 DUMONT, MATHIEUQCVAIL871Crépuscule PohénégamookPohénégamook, QC6/17/2011
2842.32 PICKERING, CHRISSKUOFR891Regina Spring ClassicRegina, SK5/14/2011
2941.90 COLLINS, WILEYONYUTC906AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
3041.78 MACHISKINIC, NOLANSKSTFC915Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
3141.53 KUSHAK, MATTHEWABLEDU931Lethbridge Spring MeetLethbridge, AB5/7/2011
3240.97 KHAN, UMARONYUTC897AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
3340.36 WILSON, KIERAB 715Chinook Throws GalaLethbridge, AB5/22/2011
3437.94 MACAULAY, CONNORMBBTFC907Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
3537.25 MORFITT, GRAHAMBCCXVC671Garriock MeetDuncan, BC6/12/2011
3636.99 LANOUETTE, ETIENNEQCCASI914Crépuscule Sherbrooke #3Sherbrooke, QC7/30/2011
3735.68 GOSSELIN, MIKAËLQCROUL845Championnat Provincial d'athlétisme civilQuebec City, QC7/17/2011
3835.46 PANESAR, GURDASBCKJAK922Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
3935.28 FINDLAY, JAMESONMAST613Ottawa Lions Twilight Meet #4Ottawa, ON7/13/2011
4034.85 SOMMER, RYANABOATF938Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
4134.54 LEUNG, STEVENSKUOFS893SK ProvincialsSaskatoon, SK6/19/2011
4232.32 PARKINSON, RICHARDONYUTC645AO National Jr & Sr Qualifier & CE ChampsToronto, ON6/12/2011
4329.03 HOTOMANI, TYMBFMAC919Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
4424.24 LITTLE, NORMBCKAML693Kamloops Centennial MeetKamloops, BC5/22/2011
4520.94 QUINNEY, THOMASABCNCS682Lethbridge Spring MeetLethbridge, AB5/7/2011

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