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Rankings for Discus Throw Senior Men Outdoor 2010

Canadian Record: 67.88TUNKS, JASON5/14/1998

Discus Throw - Men - Senior - 2kg
157.08 PILLING, GREGON 831Mid-American Conference Championships Buffalo, NY5/15/2010
256.71 RANSKY, MIKEON 702Olympic Fitness Meet #3London, ON7/17/2010
353.89  NEDOW, TIMOTHYONOTTL902Cardinal Twilight ClassicLouisville, KY5/14/2010
453.81 WILLEMS, OWENONOSPR8412nd York University Lions Spring OpenToronto, ON5/1/2010
551.00 YSEBAERT, ANDYONSASW8622nd York University Lions Spring OpenToronto, ON5/1/2010
650.88  BERTOCCHI, MASSIMOONUTTC853Olympic Fitness Series # 2London, ON6/19/2010
749.25 WELLS, ANDREWONUTTC911York University Summer Twilight Series - Meet #3Toronto, ON7/13/2010
849.18 YOUNG, MARKONONRA864Olympic Fitness Meet #3London, ON7/17/2010
949.17  ADJETEY-NELSON, JAMIEONWLEG843f14th TNT-Fortuna Combined Events MeetingKladno, CZE6/16/2010
1047.85 ANISKO, DAMIANONYUTC8342010 Canadian Track and Field ChampionshipsToronto, ON7/30/2010
1147.52 JUDSON, JARODONLWTF795Olympic Fitness Meet #3London, ON7/17/2010
1247.51 DOHERTY, MATTHEWNS 851HaliFast Meet #3Dartmouth, NS6/13/2010
1347.39  ROUBOS, BRENTONUTTC903AO National Qualifier & AC, AO CE ChampsToronto, ON6/13/2010
1446.93 GAGNÉ, ALEXANDREQCSHER911Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/5/2010
1546.79 RUSSELL-FORD, ZACHARYONLWTF9012010 Ontario Summer GamesSudbury, ON8/13/2010
1646.74  ARBOUR, PATRICKONOTTL8822010 Canadian Track and Field ChampionshipsToronto, ON7/29/2010
1746.66 GRAY, JACKSONONSASW9152010 Len Paddock InvitationalAnn Arbor, MI5/8/2010
1846.28 DOSANJH, GURINDERBC 901BC Athletics Championships JamboreeAbbotsford, BC7/18/2010
1946.24  HENDRY-GALLAGHER, TIMONOSPR9022010 Ontario Summer GamesSudbury, ON8/13/2010
2046.18 MYATT, GEOFFREYNSCA9192010 Canadian Track and Field ChampionshipsToronto, ON7/30/2010
2145.97 WILLCOX, TOMBCCOQC91152010 LSU Tiger RelaysBaton Rogue, LA3/27/2010
2244.39 MARCOCCIA, MATHIEUON 90122010 Canadian Track and Field ChampionshipsToronto, ON7/31/2010
2344.00 TAYLOR, ANGUSBCKJAK902Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/13/2010
2443.62 GREIF, JUSTINSK 8812010 Sask Athletics Provincial ChampionshipsSaskatoon, SK7/17/2010
2543.46  CHENERY, MARKONTBIR883BC Athletics Championships JamboreeAbbotsford, BC7/18/2010
2643.41 KHAN, UMARONYUTC8942nd York University Lions Spring OpenToronto, ON5/1/2010
2742.29 LOUIS-SEIZE, SIMONQCROUL851Championnats provinciaux 2010Sherbrooke, QC7/11/2010
2841.74 PINCOMBE, TOMON 756Ottawa Lions Twilight Series Meet #1Ottawa, ON7/7/2010
2940.76 LONDON, SETHNS 9052010 Walt Disney World InvitationalLake Buena Vista, FL3/20/2010
3040.67 DABROWSKI, ANDREWON 8010Olympic Fitness Series #1London, ON5/30/2010
3140.36 SIMMONS, SHAKIRONPATF908AO National Qualifier & AC, AO CE ChampsToronto, ON6/13/2010
3239.89  WARNER, DAMIANONLLTA8942010 Canadian Track and Field ChampionshipsToronto, ON7/29/2010
3339.55 LINK, STEVENABUCAC9112010 New Balance Athletic SeriesCalgary, AB5/9/2010
3438.32 BRATHWAITE, ERICONYUTC9162010 Ontario Summer GamesSudbury, ON8/13/2010
3538.15 CAINES, CLIFFMBWOAC791Athletics Manitoba Outdoor Grand Prix #3Selkirk, MB6/1/2010
3637.02 DUMONT, ALEXANDER J.BCKJAK9210f2Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, CA4/16/2010
3736.91 URBANCZYK, GREGABCALS761Calgary Spring Challenge & Combined EventCalgary, AB5/16/2010
3836.54 NOVIA, DANIELONYUTC8972010 Ontario Summer GamesSudbury, ON8/13/2010
3936.50  CROSSLEY, CHRISSKUOFS871Saskatchewan Provincial ChampionshipsPrince Albert, SK6/13/2010
4035.81  HARAN, MAXIMEQC 892Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/13/2010
4135.33 DUMONT, MATHIEUQCVAIL873Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/13/2010
4235.10 SAARI, JOHNBC 731Langley Pacific InvitationalLangley, BC6/20/2010
4334.94 KIRKPATRICK, JOSHUAONOSTL8762010 Canadian Track and Field ChampionshipsToronto, ON7/29/2010
4434.91 MORFITT, GRAHAMBCCXVC674BC Athletics Championships JamboreeAbbotsford, BC7/18/2010
4534.83 THOMAS, CRAIGABUCAC901Caltaf Track ClassicCalgary, AB6/20/2010
4634.47 BERQUIST, BRIANSKRIVA5312010 STFC Twilite Series #2Saskatoon, SK6/22/2010
4734.09 PREECE, CHRISONYUTC9282010 Ontario Summer GamesSudbury, ON8/13/2010
4834.02 ROSENBERG, JORDANON 698York University Summer Twilight Series - Meet #3Toronto, ON7/13/2010
4933.97 MASSAR, JUSTINONOSSD9192010 Ontario Summer GamesSudbury, ON8/13/2010
5033.84 VIAU, JOELQCSHER884Championnats provinciaux 2010Sherbrooke, QC7/11/2010

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