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Rankings for Discus Throw Senior Men Outdoor 2011

Canadian Record: 67.88TUNKS, JASON5/14/1998

Discus Throw - Men - Senior - 2kg
160.53  TUNKS, JASONONMAST751Olympic Fitness Meet #2London, ON6/5/2011
255.46  NEDOW, TIMOTHYONOTTL901Charlotte 49er ClassicCharlotte, NC3/19/2011
353.35  ROUBOS, BRENTONOSPR901Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/24/2011
451.72 RANSKY, MIKEONMAST701OMA Outdoor ChampionshipsToronto, ON6/5/2011
551.16 LAFRENAYE-DUGAS, MARC-ANTOINEQCSHER912Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/24/2011
648.90 YSEBAERT, ANDYONSASW864f2Len Paddock InvitationalAnn Arbor, MI5/7/2011
748.34  HENDRY-GALLAGHER, TIMONOSPR903AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
848.31 *RODHE, JUSTINBCKAML841Kamloops Throws MeetKamloops, BC6/5/2011
947.89 GAGNÉ, ALEXANDREQCSHER912Crépuscule Sherbrooke #1Sherbrooke, QC6/2/2011
1047.87 RUSSELL-FORD, ZACHARYONLWTF901BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/16/2011
1147.60  YOUNG, JORDANONWLEG93Big Shield Throws GalaChatham-Kent, ON8/20/2011
1247.43 WILLCOX, TOMBCCOQC9117War Eagle InvitationalAuburn, AL4/16/2011
1347.30 DOHERTY, MATTHEWNS 852Truro Throws Meet #2Truro, NS5/8/2011
1447.26 ANISKO, DAMIANONYUTC834Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/24/2011
1547.10  ARBOUR, PATRICKONOTTL882NACAC C/E ChampionshipsKingston, JAM5/28/2011
1646.46 TAYLOR, ANGUSBCKJAK9010Pepsi Team InvitationalEugene, OR4/9/2011
1745.97 DOSANJH, GURINDERBCUNBC902f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
1845.94 LOUIS-SEIZE, SIMONQCCAUL852Championnat Provincial d'athlétisme civilQuebec City, QC7/17/2011
1945.73  WARNER, DAMIANONUNON895AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
2044.62 YOUNG, MARKONONRA865Olympic Fitness Meet #1London, ON5/29/2011
2143.89 INGVALDSON, DELLINGBCOATF922Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
2243.58 MACHISKINIC, NOLANSKSTFC911CALTAF Track ClassicCalgary, AB6/12/2011
2343.36 SOMMER, RYANABOATF933Jesse Bent MemorialCoquitlam, BC6/11/2011
2443.17 KHAN, UMARONYUTC894York University Throws MeetToronto, ON5/21/2011
2543.08 LINK, STEVENABUCAC911Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/24/2011
2642.97  ADJETEY-NELSON, JAMIEONWLEG843f1Len Paddock InvitationalAnn Arbor, MI5/7/2011
2742.36  CHENERY, MARKONOTTL883Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/23/2011
2841.55 PINCOMBE, TOMONMAST751Ottawa Springtime Invitational #2Ottawa, ON5/28/2011
2941.50 PICKERING, CHRISSKUOFR891Regina All Comers #1Regina, SK6/8/2011
3041.26 SAARI, JOHNBCKAML739Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/24/2011
3141.07  DESLAURIERS, BRANDONONUNON941Ottawa Twilight Series Meet 3Ottawa, ON6/22/2011
3240.92 LANOUETTE, ETIENNEQCCASI913Crépuscule Sherbrooke #1Sherbrooke, QC6/2/2011
3340.91 HERMAN, RONONMAST682SSD MeetMidland, ON6/20/2011
3440.75 BARBER, MICHAELSKEXCL864Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/23/2011
3539.97 PAKULA, CODEYSKEXCL901Cougar Combined EventsRegina, SK6/4/2011
3639.49 TARNAVA, RYANABCHIN916f1Western Canada Summer GamesKamloops, BC8/9/2011
3739.46 NOVIA, DANIELONYUTC897AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011
3839.42  CROSSLEY, CHRISSKUOFS874gBSummer Universiade (FISU)Shenzhen CHN8/18/2011
3939.29 BRATHWAITE, ERICONYUTC914YUTC Twilight #3Toronto, ON7/12/2011
4039.13 JENSEN, RYANBCKAML853Kamloops Centennial MeetKamloops, BC5/22/2011
4039.13 LAPIERRE, JAROMABUCAC772CALTAF Track ClassicCalgary, AB6/12/2011
4239.12 HARKNESS, JACKONMAST592Flying Angels International ClassicLondon, ON7/10/2011
4338.88 CORNEY, TAYLORON 912Ottawa Combined Events JamboreeOttawa, ON5/22/2011
4438.77 MASSAR, JUSTINONYUTC914AO National Jr & Sr Qualifier & CE ChampsToronto, ON6/12/2011
4538.28  GUSTAVSON, REID E.ONOTTL883Ottawa Combined Events JamboreeOttawa, ON5/22/2011
4637.24 URBANZYK, GREGABCALS762New Balance Athletic Series Meet #1Calgary, AB5/7/2011
4736.76 DUMONT, MATHIEUQCVAIL875Championnat Provincial d'athlétisme civilQuebec City, QC7/17/2011
4836.70 O'KANE, JAMESBCUNBC751Canadian Masters ChampionshipsToronto, ON6/19/2011
4936.07 MORFITT, GRAHAMBCCXVC671Garriock MeetDuncan, BC6/12/2011
5035.88 PREECE, CHRISONYUTC929AO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011

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