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Rankings for 100 Metre Para Men Outdoor 2011

Para Canadian Record T13: 11.26DOLFO, BRAEDON8/31/2012
Para Canadian Record T36: 15.73JOHNSON, CORY7/9/2011
Para Canadian Record T38: 11.75WHITEHOUSE, KYLE6/29/2012
Para Canadian Record T44: 11.72MCQUEEN, ALISTER6/29/2012
Para Canadian Record T53: 14.84LAKATOS, BRENT7/9/2011
Para Canadian Record T53: 14.85LAKATOS, BRENT6/19/2010
World Record T53: 14.34LAKATOS, BRENT7/28/2013
Pending Para Canadian Record T44: 11.50MCQUEEN, ALISTER6/8/2013

100 Metre - Men - T11
112.48 1.4 CARR, RICHARDONSAUG725hAO National Jr & Sr Qualifier & CE ChampsToronto, ON6/12/2011
212.78 -0.4 DUNKERLEY, JONONOTTL804US Paralympic ChamionshipMiramar, FL6/19/2011
313.02 -0.9 WALSH, DUSTINBCUNBC836Lafarge High Performance MeetAbbotsford, BC6/8/2011
417.50 1.2DRAGOSHI, RILINDNBASEA931ANB Sunshine OpenMoncton, NB8/11/2011
520.41 1.2CAISSE-LEBLANC, GUILLAUMENBASEA962ANB Sunshine OpenMoncton, NB8/11/2011
620.82 0.9LEBLANC, GUILLAUMEQCINUK891ASEA Warmup and World Athletics DayMoncton, NB5/14/2011

100 Metre - Men - T12
111.89 1.7 KING, BRANDONONOTTL911Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
211.93A1.1 JOHNSON, COURTNEYONOTTL924h1Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/14/2011
314.32 -0.1FROST, KEVINONOTTL6732hAO Senior, SR CE, JW 5K, JS RelaysOttawa, ON7/17/2011

100 Metre - Men - T13
111.34A-0.4 DOLFO, BRAEDONBCLANG933Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/15/2011

100 Metre - Men - T33
121.55 -1.3RADMORE, JOEONOTTL781Ontario Para-Athletics ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2011
229.30 -2.0LEE, ALVINBCWCRS733Elwood Wylie MeetNanaimo, BC5/29/2011

100 Metre - Men - T34
118.61 1.6 SOLLA, EDDYBCWCRS952Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
218.81 1.6 DEWITT, NATHANBCWCRS903Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
325.45 1.4LEE, ALVINBCWCRS734Dogwood MeetVictoria, BC5/8/2011
444.55 1.4GAUTHIER, NICHOLASNBASEA963ANB Sunshine OpenMoncton, NB8/11/2011

100 Metre - Men - T36
115.73 -0.8JOHNSON, CORYABCALT742Boiling Point All ComersWindsor, ON7/9/2011
217.17 1.2ST JOHN, JODIEONPTBR801Ontario Para-Athletics ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2011

100 Metre - Men - T37
115.34 1.3FUREY, JONATHANONKWTF931Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
216.31 -0.8MATTIUSSI, HARRYONSAUG902Boiling Point All ComersWindsor, ON7/9/2011

100 Metre - Men - T38
112.04 0.6 WHITEHOUSE, KYLEONONRA901Ontario Para-Athletics ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2011
214.73 1.3JOHNSTONE, MICHAELONUNON881Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011

100 Metre - Men - T44
111.89A1.2 MCQUEEN, ALISTERABCALW915Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/14/2011
212.84 1.3 MARCIANO, JACKIENSHFST892Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/25/2011
313.71 1.6 SALOMONS, CODYONLWTF944OFSAA ChampionshipsSudbury, ON6/4/2011

100 Metre - Men - T52
123.56 1.4HUSTVEDT, JAMESBCWCRS692Dogwood MeetVictoria, BC5/8/2011
224.30 0.2RADMORE, JOEONOTTL7812hOttawa Springtime Invitational #2Ottawa, ON5/28/2011

100 Metre - Men - T53
114.84 1.2 LAKATOS, BRENTQCAQSF801Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
215.69 1.9* SOULAMA, BASILE NIAMBAQCSHER732hSoirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011
315.82 0.9 GAUTHIER, ÉRICQCSHER7116Rollstuhlsport PrattelnPratteln SUI5/29/2011
417.22 0.6BOUCHARD, JACQUESQCCSLS605Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011
518.27 1.6 BROWN, BENNS 874Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011

100 Metre - Men - T54
114.69 1.9 MATHIESON, COLINMBSHER791hSoirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011
215.31 1.2 THOM, CURTISONCRUI864Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
315.42 1.2 CHRISTOPHE, ISAIAHONCRUI945Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
415.55 -0.7 DUPONT, ALEXANDREQCAQSF852Rendez-Vous SélectSaint-Laurent, QC6/4/2011
515.70 1.2 KAHN, MICHAELONCRUI906Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
616.33 1.7COMPAORE, JEAN-PAULQCSHER723Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/15/2011
717.24 -0.5VAN HETEREN, IANONLWTF924Ontario ParaSport Summer GamesSarnia, ON8/20/2011
817.43 1.9HÉBERT, FRANCISQCCSLS904hSoirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011
917.76 1.6BRACE, JAMESNBASEA857hNew Brunswick ChampionshipsSaint John, NB7/16/2011
1018.18 0.0NAHACHEWSKY, JULIANSKCRTC9011Daniela Jutzeler MemorialMuttenz SUI6/2/2011
1118.36 0.8SHINODA, MASASHIBCWCRS881BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
1218.40 1.4 BROWN, BENNSVAAC872ANB Sunshine OpenMoncton, NB8/11/2011
1318.69 0.4 CLOSE, BRADENSKCRTC9549Rollstuhlsport PrattelnPratteln SUI5/29/2011
1418.74 -0.5 SMEENK, AUSTINONCRUI975Ontario ParaSport Summer GamesSarnia, ON8/20/2011
1518.86 -1.1CLOSE, BRADENSKCRTC956Boiling Point All ComersWindsor, ON7/9/2011
1621.64 -2.0HARRINGTON, SIMONBCWCRS652Elwood Wylie MeetNanaimo, BC5/29/2011
1721.84 0.8ELDOMA, MORWANABCWSA944BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
1822.48 -2.0SMYTH, TRISTANBCWCRS863Elwood Wylie MeetNanaimo, BC5/29/2011
1927.33 1.4LEBLANC, JACOB E.B.NBASEA024ASEA Warmup and World Athletics DayMoncton, NB5/14/2011
2031.06 1.9SIMONEAU, RAPHAËLQCCSLS985hSoirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011

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