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British Columbia Rankings for 100 Metre Senior Men Outdoor 2012

Canadian Record: 9.84BAILEY, DONOVAN7/27/1996
Canadian Record: 9.84SURIN, BRUNY8/22/1999

100 Metre - Men - Senior
110.56 1.9VAUGHAN, JARIDBCCOQC8512Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, CA4/20/2012
210.59 1.9 STEWART, ROHANBCKJAK9013Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, CA4/20/2012
310.81 1.4NATHAN, ANDREWBCUNBC9023Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, CA4/20/2012
411.02 1.4NICOLAS, DENNISBCUNBC898hGNAC Track & Field Championships Monmouth, OR5/12/2012
511.21 1.8HUMPHREY, STEPHENBCLANG921Whitworth Final Qualifying MeetSpokane, WA5/16/2012
611.22 1.4INGVALDSON, DELLINGBCOATF9210BC High School Combined EventsBurnaby, BC5/26/2012
711.30 -1.1OAMEN, CHARLESBCOATF742BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
811.38 -1.1PELESHATY, CHASEBCCVAC914BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
911.47 -0.1DAVIS, MARCELBCUNBC854Eagle ClassicMaple Ridge, BC5/12/2012
1011.55 0.8UMEDALY, FARHANBCNORW812UBCOpen/Pre-Harry Jerome MeetVancouver, BC6/8/2012
1111.60 1.4 STAEHELI, IVANBCUNBC891UBC Last ChanceVancouver, BC5/11/2012
1211.65 1.6FERENCE, LUCASBCCTC1922f1World Athletics Day - Ocean AthleticsSurrey, BC5/9/2012
1311.70 -0.2BRAR, PARMVEERBCUATH907hBC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012
1411.75 -0.2DOSANJH, TARINBCUATH885hCoquitlam cheetahs 2012 InvitationalCoquitlam, BC6/10/2012
1511.76 0.6ROCKERBIE, PHILLIPBCCOQC884Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
1611.93 -0.6WANG, XINXIAO (LUKE)BCKJAK727hCoquitlam cheetahs 2012 InvitationalCoquitlam, BC6/10/2012
1712.21 -0.6GILL, SUNNYBCVRTC918hCoquitlam cheetahs 2012 InvitationalCoquitlam, BC6/10/2012
1812.23 -0.1WALKER, SAMUELBCGREY717Eagle ClassicMaple Ridge, BC5/12/2012
1912.25 0.0HARROWER, WILLBCUNBC721Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
2012.28 -4.0LOUTITT, JASONBCPIHR744h2Valley Royals InvitationalBurnaby, BC5/5/2012
2112.29 -1.7TSHINYAMA, PAULBCGREY7013SFU Emilie Mondor Spring OpenBurnaby, BC4/14/2012
2212.49 -0.6STRACHAN, ALEXANDERBCCTC1927Achilles CupVancouver, BC4/24/2012
2312.63 -1.2WEIMAN, KYLEBCUOFS893Hub City Twilite #3Saskatoon, SK7/17/2012
2412.65 -0.4MCMILLAN, TYLERBCCTC19216Ocean Twilight Series Meet #3Surrey, BC7/4/2012
2512.83 -1.5EDMUNDS, DAVIDBCBBYS9218SFU Emilie Mondor Spring OpenBurnaby, BC4/14/2012
2612.93 -1.0PERCIVAL, ALBCGREY5122012 Huntsman World Senior GamesSt. George, UT10/20/2012
2713.08 0.3PRICE, JOHANNESBCVRTC9219Lafarge High Performance ClassicAbbotsford, BC6/6/2012
2813.50 -0.6KIM, ARONBCUNBC918Achilles CupVancouver, BC4/24/2012
2913.56 2.0FREEMAN, PETERBCUNBC524NCCWMA ChampionshipsSaint John, NB8/12/2012
3013.92 0.0D'AGNOLO, JOHNBCUNBC671Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
3114.30 0.0STRONG, DERMBCKAML481Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
3214.75 0.0SANDHU, HARDEV SINGHBCGREY496Ocean Twilight Series Meet #2Surrey, BC6/27/2012
3314.98 0.0DOHERTY, MELVINBCKRRS492Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
3415.70 0.0LESAGE, NORMANBCGREY291Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
3516.23 1.3SHOOK, VERNBCNTFC421Elwood Wylie Track and Field MeetNanaimo, BC5/27/2012
3618.39 0.0CHALMERS, GORDON LARRYBCPENT292Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
3722.31 0.0THOMPSON, HARRYBCUNBC221Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012

100 Metre - Men - Senior - Wind Aided
110.42 3.2VAUGHAN, JARIDBCCOQC8514Clyde Littlefield Texas RelaysAustin, TX3/31/2012
210.84 3.0 STEWART, ROHANBCKJAK9019hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/29/2012
311.14 2.3NICOLAS, DENNISBCUNBC8964Long Beach InvitationalNorwalk, CA4/21/2012
411.22 3.5PELESHATY, CHASEBCCVAC911Garriock Track and Field MeetDuncan, BC6/10/2012
511.51 3.3HUMPHREY, STEPHENBCLANG925UBC OpenVancouver, BC4/7/2012
611.54 2.1UMEDALY, FARHANBCNORW811Trevor Craven MemorialBurnaby, BC7/8/2012
711.55 2.4WANG, XINXIAO (LUKE)BCKJAK721Trevor Craven MemorialBurnaby, BC7/8/2012
811.57 NWIBRAR, PARMVEERBCUATH904Ocean Twilight Series Meet #3Surrey, BC7/4/2012
911.60 2.1 STAEHELI, IVANBCUNBC892Trevor Craven MemorialBurnaby, BC7/8/2012
1011.70 NWIDOSANJH, TARINBCUATH887Ocean Twilight Series Meet #3Surrey, BC7/4/2012
1111.91 3.3OAMEN, CHARLESBCOATF7411UBC OpenVancouver, BC4/7/2012
1211.92 2.4DICKSON, THOMASBCVRTC531Trevor Craven MemorialBurnaby, BC7/8/2012
1312.17 NWIPOONI, PAUL S.BCUATH9211Ocean Twilight Series Meet #3Surrey, BC7/4/2012
1412.41 NWIGILL, SUNNYBCVRTC9115Lafarge High Performance ClassicAbbotsford, BC6/6/2012
1512.53 NWIWALKER, SAMUELBCGREY7114Ocean Twilight Series Meet #3Surrey, BC7/4/2012

100 Metre - Men - Senior - Hand Timed
113.1h NWIKLEINHEERENBRINK, CHRISTIANBCBVAS921Bulkley Valley Open & Zone 7 BCSG TrialsSmithers, BC5/26/2012

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