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Rankings for 200 Metre Para Men Outdoor 2011

Para Canadian Record T12: 24.15KING, BRANDON6/8/2011
Para Canadian Record T13: 23.00DOLFO, BRAEDON8/15/2012
Para Canadian Record T36: 31.99JOHNSON, CORY6/28/2012
Para Canadian Record T44: 23.67MCQUEEN, ALISTER7/21/2013
Para Canadian Record T46: 25.01DRUMMOND, CHAD5/27/2012
Para Canadian Record T53: 25.85LAKATOS, BRENT9/7/2012
Pending Para Canadian Record T44: 24.02MCQUEEN, ALISTER6/8/2013

200 Metre - Men - T11
125.25 -0.3 WALSH, DUSTINBCUNBC833hUS Paralympic ChamionshipMiramar, FL6/19/2011
238.88 1.4DRAGOSHI, RILINDNBASEA931ASEA Twilight MeetMoncton, NB6/17/2011
346.35 0.4CAISSE-LEBLANC, GUILLAUMENBASEA962ANB Sunshine OpenMoncton, NB8/11/2011

200 Metre - Men - T12
124.15 1.8 KING, BRANDONONOTTL9112Ottawa Lions Twilight Meet #1Ottawa, ON6/8/2011
225.79 -1.3 JOHNSON, COURTNEYONOTTL922Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/23/2011
329.59 -1.7FROST, KEVINONOTTL6714Windsor TwilightWindsor, ON7/7/2011

200 Metre - Men - T33
139.72 0.4RADMORE, JOEONOTTL781Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011

200 Metre - Men - T34
136.09 0.4 DEWITT, NATHANBCWCRS902Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
236.20 0.4 SOLLA, EDDYBCWCRS953Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
349.87 0.1LEE, ALVINBCWCRS734Dogwood MeetVictoria, BC5/8/2011

200 Metre - Men - T35
138.08 0.0ST JOHN, JODIEONPTBR8016York University Lions Spring OpenToronto, ON4/30/2011

200 Metre - Men - T36
137.90 0.1ST JOHN, JODIEONPTBR802Ontario ParaSport Summer GamesSarnia, ON8/20/2011

200 Metre - Men - T37
131.67 -1.1FUREY, JONATHANONKWTF931Ontario Para-Athletics ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2011
235.58 0.5VAILLANCOURT, BENOITQCCSLS7831hIan Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/12/2011

200 Metre - Men - T38
124.37A-1.1 WHITEHOUSE, KYLEONONRA902Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/17/2011
231.49 0.1JOHNSTONE, MICHAELONUNON882Ontario ParaSport Summer GamesSarnia, ON8/20/2011

200 Metre - Men - T44
124.24A0.7 MCQUEEN, ALISTERABCALW913Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/18/2011
225.61A0.7 MARCIANO, JACKIENSHFST894Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/18/2011
326.32A0.7 BALL, RICHARDONOLAC656Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/18/2011

200 Metre - Men - T52
145.94 0.1HUSTVEDT, JAMESBCWCRS692Dogwood MeetVictoria, BC5/8/2011

200 Metre - Men - T53
126.93 -1.0 LAKATOS, BRENTQCAQSF802IPC World ChampionshipsChristchurch, NZL1/26/2011
227.20 1.1* SOULAMA, BASILE NIAMBAQCSHER732Soirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011
327.31 1.1 GAUTHIER, ÉRICQCSHER713f1Soirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011
430.13 2.0BOUCHARD, JACQUESQCCSLS602f1Soirée Sélect #1Saint-Laurent, QC5/21/2011
535.14 0.4 BROWN, BENNS 874Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011

200 Metre - Men - T54
125.95 1.0 MATHIESON, COLINMBSHER798Rollstuhlsport PrattelnPratteln SUI5/29/2011
226.21 1.0 THOM, CURTISONCRUI8612Rollstuhlsport PrattelnPratteln SUI5/29/2011
326.51 1.0 DUPONT, ALEXANDREQCAQSF8516Rollstuhlsport PrattelnPratteln SUI5/29/2011
427.49A-1.0 CHRISTOPHE, ISAIAHONCRUI944h1Parapan American GamesGuadalajara MEX11/15/2011
527.85 -0.2COMPAORE, JEAN-PAULQCSHER722Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/15/2011
628.36 1.1 KAHN, MICHAELONCRUI905Boiling PointWindsor, ON7/9/2011
729.81 -0.5VAN HETEREN, IANONLWTF925Windsor TwilightWindsor, ON7/7/2011
831.39 -0.1BRACE, JAMESNBASEA851ANB Sunshine OpenMoncton, NB8/11/2011
932.58 1.1HÉBERT, FRANCISQCCSLS904Soirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC8/13/2011
1032.60 -1.5NAHACHEWSKY, JULIANSKCRTC906Canadian National ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/22/2011
1133.08 0.6SHINODA, MASASHIBCWCRS881BC Athletics JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/17/2011
1233.22 -1.5 SMEENK, AUSTINONCRUI974Ontario ParaSport Summer GamesSarnia, ON8/20/2011
1333.36 1.9CLOSE, BRADENSKCRTC955Boiling Point All ComersWindsor, ON7/9/2011
1434.98 1.1 CLOSE, BRADENSKCRTC954Ontario Para-Athletics ChampionshipsOttawa, ON7/15/2011
1536.00 -1.1HARRINGTON, SIMONBCWCRS652Elwood Wylie MeetNanaimo, BC5/29/2011
1637.93 -1.1SMYTH, TRISTANBCWCRS863Elwood Wylie MeetNanaimo, BC5/29/2011
1746.78 1.4LEBLANC, JACOB E.B.NBASEA021ASEA Twilight MeetMoncton, NB6/17/2011

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