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Alberta Rankings for 200 Metre Men Outdoor 2012

Canadian Record: 20.16BROWN, AARON5/31/2014
Junior Canadian Record: 20.62Ogilvie, Peter5/25/1991
Youth Canadian Record: 20.93BROWN, COURTNEY8/1/1982

200 Metre - Men - Senior
120.70 2.0 BARNETT, BRYANABUNAB871Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, CA4/20/2012
220.83 0.3 HAYNES, AKEEMABCITC923Michael Johnson/Dr. Pepper ClassicWaco, TX4/21/2012
321.11 -0.2 EFFAH, SAMABUCAC884Occidental InvitationalLos Angeles, CA5/5/2012
421.57 0.5 WILLIAMS, BENJAMINABVOLE921New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
521.74 1.9REDDY, JULIANABLEGA881Standard Busters #3Edmonton, AB7/4/2012
621.89 0.5DARGIE, ANDREWABCALT872New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
621.89 0.5LIM, KEVINABUCAC883New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
821.93 -1.3CHARLES, RICARDOABUCAC883qfCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/28/2012
922.00 -1.5PARRIS, E.J.ABLEGA822Standard Buster #1Edmonton, AB5/19/2012
1022.16 -1.9CLARK, ADAMABUCAC906qfCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/28/2012
1122.21 -1.5ROLLE, THOMASABVOLE814Standard Buster #1Edmonton, AB5/19/2012
1222.27 1.6BRESKI, JOSHABUCAC915hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
1322.31 0.5SUMANI, ABDULHAFEEZABUCAC885New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
1422.53 0.9SMITHERS, CAMERONABUNON912Ottawa Lions Twilight Series Meet #3Ottawa, ON7/11/2012
1522.63 0.0MAYER, BASTIANABUCAC909New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
1622.67 0.0RYNN, ISAACABCALT8910New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
1722.72 -1.5HOME, MITCHELLABCAPI926Standard Buster #1Edmonton, AB5/19/2012
1822.84 0.0MILETIC, GORANABEDMT8911New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
1922.91 0.0BURY-JONES, ARTHUR STEWARTABUCAC8912New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2023.18 -0.5SANDFORD, CONORABUNAB9216hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2023.18 -1.3GBAGUIDI, ALEXANDREABPFMX813h1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
2223.22 0.0CLARK, STEVENABCALT9113New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2223.22 1.6GALLIMORE, RICHARDABCALS8919hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
2423.35 -1.3HAYES, CLAYTONABCAPI884hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
2523.36 -1.2WILLIAMS, TYRONEABUCAC8917hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2623.95 0.8KROLIKOWSKI, MACIEKABUCAC9114New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2724.29 -0.9GAERTNER, CHRISTOPHERABECTC9122hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2824.67 1.6SANDAU, JAREDABUCAC9032hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
2925.11 0.5REID, RICHARDABCALT852Flying Angels International ClassicToronto, ON7/8/2012
3027.17 -0.3TRAPP, ROBERTABECTC6124hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
3129.38 2.0MINTZ, BRUCEABEDMM463NCCWMA ChampionshipsSaint John, NB8/12/2012
3231.21 -1.3PAYNE, GREGABCALS6113hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012

200 Metre - Men - Junior
121.54 0.3OHRT, SHANEABECTC933Canadian Junior Track and Field ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB7/29/2012
221.91 0.3KING-MCKENZIE, MICHAELABECTC946Canadian Junior Track and Field ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB7/29/2012
322.37 1.8KONG, TIMABERTF942ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
422.63 0.0EZETA, MARIANOABCALS938New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
522.71 1.8LARIVIERE, TAYLORABCALT943ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
622.72 -0.3BULLEN, BRAYDENABCITC939hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
722.80 0.0SCHAEFFER, MATTHEWABUCAC9312hCanadian Junior Track and Field ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB7/29/2012
822.88 1.8BYMOEN, ALEXANDERABCITC944ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
922.92 1.6KUJABI, MOMODOUABCAPI935hSherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
1023.18 1.5WEIGEL, KRISABMEDI944ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
1123.61 -1.3HARTLING, DYLANABECTC948Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
1223.67 -1.4ARYCHUK, STEPHENABECTC935St. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1323.72 -1.9KNOX, CONNORABCAPI9314qfCanadian Junior Track and Field ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB7/28/2012
1423.98 -1.9KELLNER, THOMASABCALT9416qfCanadian Junior Track and Field ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB7/28/2012
1423.98 1.6DRAGICEVIC, NIKOLAABUCAC949hSherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
1624.17 1.6BETTAC, SEANABREDD9410hSherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
1724.27 1.8LEES, SAMABCAPI9410hASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
1824.71 -1.3COY, JESAIAHABCOTC939hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1925.10 -0.2KLASSEN, KEVINABUCAC945Battle of the Border InvitationalKamloops, BC4/28/2012
2025.22 -1.2DUNLOP, BENJAMINABCOTC9423hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2129.52 1.8IVAN, ALEXANDERABCALT9415hASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012

200 Metre - Men - Youth
121.84 0.5HARRIOTT, IANABEDMO951ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
222.21 1.5ROETT, LANDONABCITC951ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
322.71 0.5LAZARENKO, TYLERABCAPI952ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
422.99 1.4FENTON, WALTABCALT953hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
523.08 0.5RECKORD, MATTHEWABCITC953ASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
623.35 -2.9DOCTOR, DECONTEABCAPI964hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
723.53 1.4PARKS, COREYABDFCT967hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
823.63 1.8ROSERY, ARDENABEDMO956hASAA Track & Field ChampionshipsEdmonton, AB6/2/2012
923.75 -1.5HUDSON, JEFFABCALW963Calgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
1023.89 -2.9SCHEMPP, KYLEABECTC957hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1123.91 -2.2BUETTNER, NICHOLASABCALT956hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1223.99 0.5WANG, JASONABERTF959Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
1324.07 1.3BAKER, RYANABCITC958hWestern Canadian Midget & Youth ChampsMedicine Hat, AB7/15/2012
1324.07 -0.2HANSEN, JORDENABLEDU9612Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
1524.12 0.5LI, PAULABERTF9615Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
1624.32 -1.7HATTERSLEY, JUSTINABUNAB965Alberta Summer GamesLethbridge, AB7/27/2012
1724.39 -1.7OUELLETTE, JACQUESABCAPI966Alberta Summer GamesLethbridge, AB7/27/2012
1824.41 -1.5NORDMARK, DAELINABCALW955Calgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
1924.52 -3.8MILLER, JASONABUNAB9610hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
2024.53 -0.2ZHANG, DAVIDABERTF9618Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
2124.64 -1.5MALPASS, JONATHANABREDD956Calgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2224.70 -2.2STILMAN, GEFENABCOTC9614hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
2324.77 -0.2HUNTER, SPENCERABCALT954Battle of the Border InvitationalKamloops, BC4/28/2012
2425.06 -0.2CAKMAK, TIMURLANEABLEDU9524Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
2525.17 1.4SUGIANTO, MICHAELABUCAC9522hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
2625.24 -1.5JOHNSTON, JAMIEABUCAC957Calgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2725.29 -2.5ZHENG, HAONANABERTF963Standard Busters #4Edmonton, AB7/19/2012
2825.75 -1.4LEONARD, ALEXABNEAT9610hAlberta Summer GamesLethbridge, AB7/27/2012
2926.70 0.0MONTEITH, NATHANABCALT9620New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
3026.84 -3.8SCHMIDT, WYATTABECTC9619hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
3127.25 1.4ROBERTSON, LIAMABCALT9625hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
3227.40 -2.5MELLOW, JAMARIABECTC965Standard Busters #4Edmonton, AB7/19/2012

200 Metre - Men - Midget
122.70 0.7HARRIOTT, TYREEABEDMO972Legion Canadian Youth ChampionshipsCharlottetown, PE8/19/2012
223.38 0.0BUBELENYI, DANIELABERTF972Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
323.66 0.2QUARLES, JOSHUAABCALS971New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
423.75 1.4SHERMAN, MICHAELABCALS972hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
523.93 -1.0MACNAB, CALLUMABCAPI973St. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
624.07 0.2SHERMAN, CHRISTIANABCALS973New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
724.28 -1.7MIX, JACEABSTAL984hAlberta Summer GamesLethbridge, AB7/27/2012
824.41 1.4HARRIS, ALEXABVOLE976hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
924.47 -1.0MCKAY, GARRETTABLETH977St. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1024.51 -1.6FAUNT, COLESENABCALS985Alberta Summer GamesLethbridge, AB7/27/2012
1124.99 1.8POSYLUZNY, BRAYDENABREDD976CALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
1225.50 1.8CROSS-TRUSH, THOMASABECTC977CALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
1325.84 -0.4LEM, CHRISABEDMT981Alberta Provincial Hershey FinalsEdmonton, AB6/17/2012
1426.14 1.4COLLIN, LEWISABEDMO9811hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
1526.23 -2.2CLARKIN, EMMETTABSTAL9813hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1626.38 -0.4WIHAK, STEPHENABCALS983Alberta Provincial Hershey FinalsEdmonton, AB6/17/2012
1726.42 -1.6JOKIC, ALEXANDERABECTC9814hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
1826.55 -1.7LISKE, KITABSTAL9711hAlberta Summer GamesLethbridge, AB7/27/2012
1926.98 -2.1CALKINS, STEPHENABCALT985hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
2027.06 0.2RICHARDS, ISIAHABAAAC986New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2027.06 0.2POP, LUCAABCOTC987New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2228.01 0.9EVANS, ERICABCALW988New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2328.35 -0.8MERONYK, COLTONABSTAL9810hAlberta Provincial Hershey FinalsEdmonton, AB6/17/2012
2428.36 1.4HANSEN, NICHOLASABCALT9717hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
2528.71 -1.0DHALIWAL, RAVNEETABECTC9810Jack BrowKelowna, BC7/1/2012
2628.79 1.7ROSE, RILEYABSTAL984Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012
2729.04 0.9SAMSON, JORDANABCALW9810New Balance Athletic Series #3Calgary, AB5/27/2012
2829.23 -2.2HOWLETT, KAIABEDMH9819hSt. Albert ChallengeSt. Albert, AB6/24/2012
2929.92 -3.8MCKENZIE, ANTHONYABDFCT974Kamloops Centennial T&F MeetKamloops, BC5/20/2012
3030.11 -3.0BROOKS, BRADLEYABLEDU9710hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
3130.52 -3.0THUNA, SEANABCALT9712hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012
3230.70 1.4KING, JAMESABCALT9820hCALTAF Track Classic - ASG Zone 2,3,4 TrialsCalgary, AB6/10/2012
3330.99 -2.7CONNORS, LIAMABCALT9813hCalgary Spring Challenge & CECalgary, AB5/13/2012

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