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Rankings for 400 Metre Hurdles Senior Men Outdoor 2012

Canadian Record: 48.24KUNKEL, ADAM7/27/2007

400 Metre Hurdles - Men - Senior - 0.914m
150.14  KUNKEL, ADAMABLEGA811University of Windsor OpenWindsor, ON5/26/2012
251.11  EL HANBLI, GABRIELQCCALO901f1Soirée Saint-Laurent Sélect #1Saint-Laurent, QC5/19/2012
351.14A NYSTUEN, TAITSKEXCL915NACAC U-23 ChampionshipsGuadalajara MEX7/8/2012
452.22 ALHADDAD, SAJONCANI923Canadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/30/2012
552.34 BATES, BRENTONOSTL921York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/19/2012
652.39  CHAN, DANIELONUTTC912York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/19/2012
652.39 FRENKE, GORDONONOTTL891Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/27/2012
852.78 CABRAL, JONATHANONKWTF921f1Oregon RelaysEugene, OR4/21/2012
852.78 CHEVRETTE-BELISLE, HUBERTQCCALO901Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/9/2012
1053.88 SMITHERS, CAMERONABUNON913f1Ian Hume InvitationSherbrooke, QC6/17/2012
1153.89 THIBAUDIER, YANNQCSHER881Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
1253.91 STEINBRENNER, ALEXANDERQCCSLS902Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/9/2012
1354.11 JOSEPH, NIGELABCITC868Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, CA4/20/2012
1454.66 PEARSON, STUARTONUTTC892Walt Disney World InvitationalLake Buena Vista, FL3/24/2012
1554.67 PARENT-PICHETTE, VINCENTQCCADL912Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
1654.84 PRIMEAU, CODIEONOTTL925Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/27/2012
1754.99 COURTEAU-GODMAIRE, HUBERTQCCOCH914Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
1855.74 GRANT, OLIVERONUWTC911World Junior Standards MeetToronto, ON5/5/2012
1956.15 GREENIDGE, JAMEELQCCSLS915Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
2056.30  DROUIN, DEREKONSASW906TX Border Battle KYLouisville, KY4/14/2012
2156.64 WILSON, DAVIDONMAST309University of Windsor OpenWindsor, ON5/26/2012
2256.67 ROCKERBIE, PHILLIPBCCOQC881Trevor Craven MemorialBurnaby, BC7/8/2012
2356.97 MURRAY, TYLERONOTTL913f2Soirée Saint-Laurent Sélect #1Saint-Laurent, QC5/19/2012
2457.41 COYNE, JAREDONOSTL8711University of Windsor OpenWindsor, ON5/26/2012
2557.42 LIU, DANIELONOSTL905York University Twilight Meet #2Toronto, ON6/19/2012
2657.55 FOUZIE, MATTONOTTL929Ottawa Springtime H-P Meet #1Ottawa, ON5/27/2012
2757.58 HAYES, CLAYTONABCAPI8813hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/29/2012
2858.23 SAMPSON, TERRENCEMBUNMB921MB Provincial Age Class ChampionshipsWinnipeg, MB6/23/2012
2958.28 CLARK, STEVENABCALT9114hCanadian Track & Field ChampionshipsCalgary, AB6/29/2012
3058.85 SIROIS, PIERREQCCAUL926Crépuscule Sherbrooke #2Sherbrooke, QC6/9/2012
3158.88 DOIRON, JEAN-MARCNBO2NB881NB Athletics ChampionshipsSaint John, NB7/14/2012
3259.14 FOLEY, DAVIDQCSHER846Championnats provinciaux FAQSherbrooke, QC8/5/2012
331:02.45 FORTIN, MATTHIEUQCFLYS862f2Soirée Sélect #3Saint-Laurent, QC5/26/2012
341:10.78 BIENEFELD, ANDYBCUNBC751BC Athletics Track and Field JamboreeCoquitlam, BC7/15/2012

400 Metre Hurdles - Men - Senior - 0.914m - Hand Timed
157.6h CLARK, STEVENABCALT911Sherwood Park Track ClassicSherwood Park, AB7/15/2012

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